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Mesoprotech Moisturising Sun Protection SPF 50+ Mesoestetic - 50 ml

Moisturising Sun Protection 50+ SPF, with its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, is an essential addition to any type of treatment involving temporary drying of the epidermis. Moisturising Sun Protection contains different types of sun filters that offer a very high sun protection and thus produce a powerful barrier effect against UV rays.

38.00 €

Skin Balance - Mesoestetic - 30 ml

Skin Balance is a concentrate for (hyper) sensitive skin, with a calming effect against redness, itching and irritation. Skin Balance contains antioxidants and rebalancing substances that promote a balanced microbiota and strengthen the skin's natural defense system.

90.00 €

Body Shock Intensive Mist - Mesoestetic - 2 x 35 ml

Bodyshock Intensive Mist is an active formula to act on localized areas and define the look of your silhouette. Bodyshock Intensive Mist contains milk thistle extract, caffeine and arnica extract that enhance the action of the complex, visibly smoothing cellulite imperfections.

80.00 €

Body Shock Firm'Up & Roller - Mesoestetic - 150ml

Bodyshock Firm'up is a firming cream with push-up effect and restructuring ingredients for firmer, tighter skin. Firm'up contains caffeine and L-carnitine, encapsulated in liposomes, and African Kigelia extract, which provides firmness to sagging areas such as arms, buttocks and breasts. A molecular film of amino acids and proteins moisturizes and gives an immediate firming effect. The formula contains a massage roller that improves spreadability and enhances the push-up effect of the active ingredients. Bodyshock Firm'Up also provides an immediate feeling of freshness.

75.00 €

Bodyshock Celluxpert - Mesoestetic - 200 ml

Bodyshock Celluxpert prevents Cellulite and reduces orange peel skin. Celluxpert improves the skin structure and moisturizes your skin. Celluxpert can be used with or without the attached special massage head, a mini glass roller that increases the penetration of the active ingredients and microcirculation.

65.00 €

Hydra clarifying Serum - Juliette Armand - 55ml

This Hydra Clarifying Serum moisturizes, firms and balances oily, acne-prone skin. A serum that combines hyaluronic acid with carnation extract, to regulate oiliness, and red clover extract, which helps to reduce the size of dilated pores. The LMW hyaluronic acid contained in this restorative serum hydrates and balances the oiliness of the (acne) skin. Large version - 55 ml content (price/quantity is much cheaper compared to 20 ml!)

56.00 €

Retinoid 3% Serum - Juliette Armand - 55ml

Retinoid 3% Serum is a revitalizing serum with increased retinoid content (3%), for all skin types. This retinol serum improves the appearance and quality of mature skin with wrinkles, intense pigmentation and age spots. The serum improves brightness and results in an even complexion. Large version - 55 ml content (price/quantity is much cheaper compared to 20 ml!)

91.50 €

Brightening Cream - Juliette Armand - 50ml

This Brightening Cream gives back shine and brightness to skin with spots and pigmentation. Brightening Cream moisturizes, improves the appearance of the skin and ensures an even complexion. The cream can be used daily and is also suitable for preventive care against further pigmentation.

55.00 €

Professional Microroller - Juliette Armand

With this high-quality microroller you approach a professional microneedling treatment, in a handy 'do-it-yourself' format, for home use! Whichever serum you choose to use, this micro roller will make tiny incisions in your skin, allowing the serum to penetrate much better and work its magic. Micro rollers help to greatly improve pigmentation and skin surface problems.

Starting at 69.90 €

Stretch Firm Cream - Juliette Armand - 200ml

Do you suffer from cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin or wrinkle formation? Then this skin-firming Stretch Firm body cream from Juliette Armand is exactly what you're looking for! Stretch Firm Cream strengthens the elasticity of your skin and reduces cellulite and stretch marks. Ideal during pregnancy and weight loss or for eg skin tightening of the upper arms.

51.00 €

Post Depil Cream - Juliette Armand - 50 ml

Juliette Armand Post Depil Cream is a 'multi-action' cream for use after removing facial and body hair. Post Depil Cream soothes the skin from the irritation of epilation and repeated use slows down hair growth and gradually reduces hair.

29.00 €

Everyday Hand Serum - Philip Martin's - 75ml

Let your hands enjoy this luxurious treatment. A fantastically scented hand serum that absorbs into your skin softly like velvet. Enjoy the delicate perfume with fine amber tones, which will accompany your nose long after your hand care. Use a small amount on hands, nails and cuticles and massage the serum in until completely absorbed. Active ingredients: Organic Yarrow Extract, moisturizing Organic Marigold Extract, calming Wood Violet Extract, soothing This is the practical 75 ml hand size, super handy in the handbag or in the car. Also exists in the 500 ml version that looks great on your bathroom shelf, next to the kitchen tap or in the smallest room, so that your roommates or guests can enjoy this extra pampering! 

15.50 €

Hygien It Spray - Philip Martin's Handspray - 100ml

Just like Philip Martin's In Oud collection, this deep-cleansing and highly nourishing Hygien It hand spray leaves behind a wonderful, pleasant scent. This incredibly fine spray is not just another gel that leaves your hands with a bad chemical smell. The scent is amazing, and your hands will remain super soft, hydrated. No harsh chemicals that dry out your skin once again and leave behind an unbearable scent. You can easily spray the practical spray on your dry hands and massage in briefly until the spray is completely absorbed. Active ingredients: Organic Olive Oil - Restorative, regenerating Organic Sesame Oil - Nourishing Organic Jojoba Oil - Moisturizing This is the very practical 100ml hand size, in spray form, which lasts super long and will welcome you shopping with the same pleasant warm scent, instead of the many gels full of harsh chemicals that you find at every store entrance. There is also a 250ml big brother for the kitchen, in the entrance hall, on your bedside table and in the smallest room, so that roommates and guests will always experience their hand hygiene as very pleasant! 

18.00 €

Everyday Hand Wash - Philip Martin's Hand Elixir - 500ml

Philip Martin's launches a luxurious elixir with this daily hand wash that leaves a long-lasting and intense amber scent on the skin. The delicate ingredients in this delightful hand cleanser clean without being irritating: Organic Yarrow Extract - Moisturizing Organic Marigold Extract - Calming Wood Violet Extract - Soothing A rich collection of natural extracts that will undeniably leave your hands feeling hydrated and soft. The long-lasting, effervescent, intense amber scent, as known at Philip Martin's, is again a huge asset for people who love uniqueness, luxury and well-being. This hand wash only comes in a 500 ml version, ideal for the kitchen and bathroom, but especially in the smallest room, where the housemates and guests are welcomed again and again with an incredibly unique hand soap that will last a long time at the table or in the sofa. and will smell pleasant. Bet it will be discussed at the dinner table?!

40.00 €

Everyday Hand Serum - Philip Martin's - 500ml

Let your hands enjoy this luxurious treatment. A fantastically scented hand serum that absorbs into your skin softly like velvet. Enjoy the delicate perfume with fine amber tones, which will accompany your nose long after your hand care. Use a small amount on hands, nails and cuticles and massage the serum in until completely absorbed. Active ingredients: Organic Yarrow Extract, moisturizing Organic Marigold Extract, calming Wood Violet Extract, soothing This is the 500 ml version that looks great on your bathroom shelf, next to the kitchen tap or in the smallest room, so that your roommates or guests can enjoy this extra pampering! Also available in a practical 75 ml hand size, super handy in the handbag or in the car.

48.50 €


    Retinol in combination with vitamin C is particularly effective in fighting skin aging. Deep wrinkles are visibly reduced. Yet there are few brands that combine retinol in a serum with other antioxidants such as vitamin C. The concentrations of the different active ingredients must be very precisely coordinated. We have such toppers in house with Juliette Armand! Juliette Armand Retinoid C serum and the Retinoid C cream are 2 absolute musts! Read more...


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    Through our discount packages we offer you nice discounts of at least 10%!

    Each package consists of a selection of products that complement each other perfectly and that work on specific themes such as acne, depigmentation, slimming, hydration, protection, anti-aging, recovery, ...

    Our Best sellers!

    Sea, Sun & SPF!

    Our Sun protection products

    Juliette Armand started with UVB radiation and moved on to UVA. Today, they have developed formulas to provide protection against infrared (IR) and visible light (HEV) rays, which are known for penetrating deeper into the skin and causing long-term damage.

    The Juliette Armand sun line contains powerful and specialized antioxidants that, unlike many other antioxidants, can function effectively during their exposure to the sun.

    The combination of sun cream and antioxidant protection with recovery and healing effect makes the products suitable for the most demanding conditions 

    • Protects against high radiation or chemical exfoliation and urban environmental pollution

    • Ideal for sensitive skin

    The JA Sunfilm products offer ease of use by:

    • Easily absorbable texture

    • Non-greasy texture and a silky smooth feel!

    • Water resistance: ideal at sea, for sports, sailing, winter skiing ..

    Mesoestetic brings its latest generation of light protection technology for all skin types

    An innovative product range that offers the most advanced and complete sunscreen technology and protects against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation,infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV ).

    Their formulas combine safety with effective antioxidant and anti-aging action, thus producing collageen is being promoted and photo aging of the skin is avoided.

    • Dermatologically tested formulas.

    • Water repellent.


    • Plant extract that increases the presence of Heat Shock Protein 47 (HSP-47). (1)

    • Protects the collagen networks of the skin.

    • Promotes the synthesis of new type I collagen fibers, increasing their presence and quality in the extracellular matrix.

    • Prevents photoaging and promotes elasticity and firmness.

    Image Skincare comes up with a revolutionary product line directed to protect from the sun, in which intensive moisturizing day cream is enriched with a broad spectrum UV-filter. This way you can protect the skin against UVA and UVB radiation on a daily basis, while at the same time you can also work on skin improvement.

    Contains broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection, plant stem cells and antioxidants with nourishing properties.

    These day creams are easily absorbed by the skin , after which you are all set to start the day!

    In addition, all PREVENTION + products from IMAGE Skincare are waterproof . This way you can perform your favorite outdoor sport undisturbed or take a refreshing dip, while your skin remains ultimately protected against UV radiation. 



    Cleansing is a basic need and therefore a must-have for every care routine. That is why we offer interesting 'cheaper per 2' deals on many products! Don't miss these ones!

    In times of war or emergency, sales of beauty products, especially lipstick, skyrocket. Not surprising, because let's be honest: a striking lip can lift any mood. Even if it is covered with a face mask. It even makes the whole thing a bit more rebellious. This season it's time to unleash your inner Hollywood diva and shine with a classic red lip. Just like with Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood, pair it with a subtle cat-eye and you're all 2021 ready! Do you want to make your look a little more sensual? Then get inspired by this premium collection from Philip Martin's with a concentration of high-quality, long-lasting make-up that is currently causing quite a stir in the beauty scene! Are you a trendsetter? Check this out!

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    Anyone who would like to have a radiant healthy skin or permanently and effectively tackle skin problems, buys his or her cosmetics online. Focused attention on your skin care routine keeps you looking good day in, day out. For high-quality and reliable skin products, buy your cosmetics online at the best prices at BoTh Cosmetics!


    Beautiful without a knife! That is the motto of Juliette Armand 's Anti-surgery Skin Booster System . If you think cosmetic surgery is a step too far, this is the perfect, non-invasive, alternative to cancel your visit to the plastic surgeon!

    EYE BOOST - Skin Boosters Juliette Armand

    Do you want to work on the eye contours and dark circles, or do you suffer from crow's feet or fine wrinkles? With this package we offer you an exquisite selection of 3 products, specifically for the eyes. You enjoy an interesting discount and an immediate result! This total package guarantees a result-oriented treatment against fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

    157.00 € 174.50 €

    Opsis Eye Cream - Juliette Armand - Skinboosters - 10 ml

    This eye cream strengthens and refreshes fine eye contour. She tackles ramparts and circles relentlessly and provides an instant anti-wrinkle effect !! A very efficient panacea! The cream is specially designed for correcting wrinkles in the eye area and ptosis (drooping upper eyelid).  The ingredients stimulate the natural functioning of the cells, hydrates and strengthens the elasticity of the skin (bags under the eyes).

    68.50 €

    Opsis Eye Gel - Juliette Armand - Skinboosters - 10 ml

    This eye care guarantees an almost instant anti-wrinkle effect! Circles and bags are tightly addressed and the gel refreshes and strengthens the fine eye contours. Ideal to unswell your eyes in the morning after, for example, a festive or tiring night !! This Opsis Skinbooster gel product quickly dissolves swelling and dark circles under the eyes. It has drainage properties and strengthens the walls of the capillaries. The gel also inhibits the glycation process (stiffening of collagen, making the skin less elastic and wrinkles faster).

    68.50 €

    Chronos Hydra Correct Serum - Juliette Armand - Skinboosters - 30 ml

    This powerful day care in serum form is the perfect helper and bodyguard that fades your wrinkles and provides intense strengthening, strong hydration and regeneration of the skin. Smaller wrinkles don't even get a chance and disappear completely! Without any excuse! In combination with the Chronos Hydra cream, you really have a wrinkle-killer duo in your hand!

    83.00 €

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      for all your Juliette Armand, Mesoestetic, Alpha-H or Image Skincare products!

      At both Cosmetics you will find a large range of skincare cosmetics online to improve your skin and keep in top form. In any case, you have come to the right place to buy your skin care products online, both for preventive skin products, to combat aging, and to combat specific skin problems. You have a wide choice of creams, cleansers, lotions, serums, peels and masks for the care of your face, body and hands.

      We also offer a quality range of nutraceuticals to tackle skin care from within. All our products are specifically developed for certain skin types or skin problems. This way you are always assured that you can achieve the desired effect if you choose the right cosmetics online.

      At BoTh Cosmetics we are happy to give you professional advice in your search for the ideal care product for you . Also with specific skin problems such as pigmentation (Mesoestetic is praised worldwide for this), skin irritation, acne (Image Skincare), eczema, couperose, rosacea or scars and burns, you will undoubtedly buy your cosmetics online at BoTh Cosmetics.

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      Advice tailored to your face!

      BoTh Cosmetics is not just an online cosmetics webshop that randomly sells its products to its customers. BoTh Cosmetics is linked to the renowned skin institute of Patricia Boeykens, who has been an expert in skin improvement and anti-aging for more than 20 years.

      We offer an extensive and personal customer service to put together the ideal products for your face together with you, without any obligation and regardless of your budget!

      We select our brands with the utmost care and these are not only based on improving your appearance, but are also skin-friendly and contribute to healthy skin on a daily basis. At the cosmetics online shop of BoTh Cosmetics you can order your skin care products quickly, easily and under the most favorable conditions.

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      DIY peels remain all the rage as they can quickly address a host of skin concerns - from sun damage and discoloration to acne breakouts and fine lines. Plus, unlike in the old days when chemical peel treatments were seen as scary, potentially skin-burning concoctions, today's formulas are much safer to use, even for newbies.

      Because peels contain acids, it is advisable to take extra care and seek advice first if you are unsure. Read more...

      Peels to Try:


      Our Anti-acne boost package from Juliette Armand has now become a bestseller. Star player in the Juliette Armand team and idol in many households with young adults! Read more...

      Blog News!

      As annoying as it is, dry skin happens to all of us, especially when it gets colder and the wind starts to bite. An important symptom is flakiness. Flaky skin occurs when the outer skin cells, which form the skin barrier, are excessively separated from each other. You usually see flaking around the nose or on your forehead. Even under...

      Hi everybody! Nice that you want to take the time to discover how you can best adjust your skincare routine during Ramadan.

      Philip Martin's Make Up

      Exclusive, Organic, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free, safe, daring!

      Choose to be Different

      Philip Martin's has created a very new and super seductive line in the world of makeup!

      With an abundance of active, natural substances, this collection scores with sophisticated textures and brilliant colors. Go for a professional result with a velvety texture.

      The colors give your skin a clear look with light and dark effects that provide a beautiful contrast and a fantastic reflection of the light.

      Choose only the Best

      • organic and vegan
      • non-toxic and cruelty free
      • active ingredients of the highest quality
      • A safe, new generation that also contributes to your skin improvement
      • Results-oriented

      Choose Philip Martin's

      This very exclusive make-up line accentuates pure femininity with its refined colors and ensures your safety to an extremely high degree by avoiding all harmful, cheap active ingredients.

      At Philip Martin's you will find no Pegs, no chemical dyes, no alcohol, no propylene glycol, methyl, buthyl parabens, no other harmful substances that keep your make up a little cheaper but not safe!  


      What, when and in what order?

      Which products do you use when? And in what order? 

      Below you will find the 'skincare line-up' in a "full option" version for the morning and evening. This is how it should be in the ideal world, and how you also achieve the best results. Fortunately we also have a "basic" version. Read: the bare minimum. 

      We don't believe in shortcuts, especially when it comes to skin care. But at the same time we like to be realistic. Not everyone like to use seven jars. Maybe you only use one jar of day cream today? Or are you the queen of skincare and always looking for additions to your routine? Or maybe during the morning rush, or a lazy night, you don't feel like a lot of hassle. 

      Hey, that's all okey!


      The all inclusive routine, the 'how to do it', the how you get and keep the glowiest skin ever! 

      1 | Cleanser, Lotion, Cleanser and

      2 | Toner

      Why? Because your skin has also produced sebum (fat) at night that you want to remove on the surface of your skin. And because it doesn't make much sense to just apply other products or make-up to uncleaned skin. Thanks to correct cleansing in the morning, your other products can do their job well, and your make-up will also stay in place and look even. The toner (tonic, lotion) prepares your skin for the subsequent products, and ensures that they are absorbed even better. A toner also restores the acidity of your skin after cleansing.

      How? Wash your hands first, then wet your face. Apply your cleanser to your wet hands and mix well with the water on your hands. Apply to your face in a circular motion and rinse well. Avoid cotton pads. Not just for the environment, but they actually soak up your cleanser when it should just land on your skin.

      Our Bestsellers ? Juliette Armand's AHA Preparation lotion, Mesoestetic's Facial Gel Cleanser, Image Skincare's Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser and Alplha-H Liquid Gold Rose!

      3 | Serum or Ampoule

      Why? Extra layer, extra pleasure! A serum or ampoule gives you the chance to give an extra power boost to your skin. And to target a specific problem or wish. Whether that is really necessary? If you want to make a difference and see results quickly: oh yes!

      How? Wait a moment until your toner no longer feels wet on your skin. Then apply your serum or ampoule of your choice to your entire face.

      Our Serum bestsellers? Juliette Armand's Hyaluronic acid serum, Image Skincare's Skin Brightening serum, Mesoestetic's Radiance DNA Essence and Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum!

      4 | Eye product

      Why? The skin around your eyes is much more sensitive, thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. Your eye area is the easiest prey for lines and wrinkles, dryness, signs of fatigue and poor blood circulation. This therefore requires a specific approach, with a specific eye contour product.

      How? Is your serum absorbed well? Then it is time for your eye contour. Apply a little product under your eyes, where you feel the edge of the bone around your eyes. Don't forget the area of ​​those crow's feet, and also the top of that same bone, just below your eyebrows. So you actually make round glasses.

      Our bestsellers? Our own professionally composed eye pack with the top products from Juliette Armand, the Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery from Image Skincare, the Ultimate W + Whitening Spot Eraser from Mesoestetic and Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex!

      5 | Moisturiser and cream

      Why a moisturizer in the morning? This moisturizes and protects your skin, provides it with the necessary vitamins and antioxidants, and ensures that your make-up also has a good basis.

      Why a cream in the evening? Because at the end of the day, nothing feels as good on your skin as a good full cream! The next morning you get up with radiant skin. You feel and see the effect on your skin.

      How? Massage your moisturizer or cream all over your face.

      Our bestsellers? The Thavma Hydra lifting cream and the Apocalypsis Rejuvenating Gel from Juliette Armand, the Daily hydrating moisturizer and the Ageless Total repair cream from Image Skincare, the Radiance DNA Intensive cream from Mesoestetic and Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24hour Moisture Repair Cream!

      6 | Facial peeling, scrub or exfoliatior

      Why? After an intensive facial cleansing of the skin, it is good to use a facial peeling once or twice a week. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft and fresh afterwards!

      On the days that you use a facial peel, do this in between your facial cleansing and facial lotion or tonic .

      The facial peeling removes dead skin cells and blackheads. So fresh! As a result, your skin is well prepared again to better absorb the mask, lotion and moisturizer or cream that you use afterwards and to penetrate to the deeper skin layers. The blood circulation is also stimulated, which gives the skin more shine. After a good facial peeling you will feel reborn again!

      How? Scrub a little on your hands or apply some 'dots' to your face. Damp your fingers with lukewarm water. Gently massage the facial peel in with small rotating movements and do not apply too much pressure around the eyes or better, avoid it. You can also take your neck if you wish. Rinse the face, wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. Cold is also possible if you prefer this. If you exfoliate in the morning you are immediately awake! ;)

      Our bestsellers? Intense Brightening exfoliating powder from Image Skincare, the Exfoliating Enzyme Gel from Juliette Armand and Alpha-H Beautysleep Power Peel!

      7 | Face mask

      Why ? Relaxation, immediate results and problem solving! Doing nothing is an incredibly difficult job for some, because what do you do? Well, put on music, mask, stretch out on the couch, eyes closed and listen to your breathing for ten minutes, for example. Your stress decreases, the scent (lavender, mint) in many masks stimulate your senses and give you and your skin a boost. Because a mask needs about ten minutes to work in, you will notice this immediately on your skin. Because your skin is temporarily closed, less moisture will evaporate and more moisture will remain in your skin. Result: a baby soft and radiant skin!

      How? Thoroughly clean the face beforehand Pat the face dry with a towel and apply the mask. Leave the mask on, which is usually 10 to 20 minutes. Do you use a ready-made mask? Take a look at the packaging! Wash the mask off the face with lukewarm water and pat dry. It is best to apply a mask 1 to 2 times a week, this is best for the skin. More is no use, since your skin will already be sufficiently saturated.

      Our bestsellers? The Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask and Firming Transformation Mask from Image Skincare, Hydrating Mask from Juliette Armand, the Anti-Stress Face Mask from Mesoestetic and Alpha-H Ultimate Perfecting Mask!


      In an acute morning rush, when things really have to go fast or simply, on a lazy evening..

      1 | Cleanser, Lotion, Cleanser

      2 | Toner

      5 | Moisturizer (in the morning) or cream (in the evening)

      Do you have any personal question or would you like personal advice about your skin? 

      Contact us!

      You may upload a picture of your face in order to be able to advise more effectively.

      Your BoTh Cosmetics Team