Opsis Eye Gel - Juliette Armand - Skinboosters - 10 ml

This eye care guarantees an almost instant anti-wrinkle effect!

Circles and bags are tightly addressed and the gel refreshes and strengthens the fine eye contours. Ideal to unswell your eyes in the morning after, for example, a festive or tiring night !!

This Opsis Skinbooster gel product quickly dissolves swelling and dark circles under the eyes. It has drainage properties and strengthens the walls of the capillaries. The gel also inhibits the glycation process (stiffening of collagen, making the skin less elastic and wrinkles faster).

68.50 €

Multisal ™ Salcool 10 is a delivery system for microspheres that are loaded with a cooling effect to ensure a comfortable feeling of coolness.

This high-end panacea contains, among other things, the highly effective ingredients Argireline (from the same family as botox) and matrixyl 3000 ® (stimulates natural collagen and hyaluron production)

We recommend applying the product daily on cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening. First try with a very small amount (0.25 ml per application is sufficient), you will soon find that this will suffice.

Really 'stunning'!