Hand Care

It's all in your hands!

Good care is important and that applies to everything. But if we zoom in on our hands, it is actually 'obvious' that our hands have to endure a lot in a day, because everything we do involves our hands. Whether you're working behind the laptop in the office, styling your hair or making a sandwich. The hands do all!

In addition, the hands have to defend themselves against the many weather conditions they have to deal with: the sometimes extreme cold, wonderful heat and every now and then dry days or unremitting downpours.

Why is hand care so important now?

Proper care for the hands is a real must . For example, our hands do not have that much fatty tissue on the back of the hand and the skin is therefore thinner than, for example, the skin on your face. As a result, moisture is less well retained in the hands and skin aging symptoms will also appear faster.

Who doesn't want to enjoy beautiful and soft hands for a long time? It is therefore important to keep your hands beautiful for as long as possible!