Hygien It Spray - Philip Martin's Handspray - 100ml


Just like Philip Martin's In Oud collection, this deep-cleansing and highly nourishing Hygien It hand spray leaves behind a wonderful, pleasant scent.

This incredibly fine spray is not just another gel that leaves your hands with a bad chemical smell. The scent is amazing, and your hands will remain super soft, hydrated.

No harsh chemicals that dry out your skin once again and leave behind an unbearable scent.

You can easily spray the practical spray on your dry hands and massage in briefly until the spray is completely absorbed.

Active ingredients:

  • Organic Olive Oil - Restorative, regenerating
  • Organic Sesame Oil - Nourishing
  • Organic Jojoba Oil - Moisturizing

This is the very practical 100ml hand size, in spray form, which lasts super long and will welcome you shopping with the same pleasant warm scent, instead of the many gels full of harsh chemicals that you find at every store entrance.

There is also a 250ml big brother for the kitchen, in the entrance hall, on your bedside table and in the smallest room, so that roommates and guests will always experience their hand hygiene as very pleasant! 

18.00 €