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With its scientifically and medically proven Grascontrol range, Mesoestetic has nutritional supplements that support digestion in a healthy, natural way and help control your weight.

These Grascontrol products are not only healthy because they contain prebiotics and probiotics, which protect and optimize your intestinal flora. They are also completely natural because they contain only active ingredients of plant and marine origin that have been carefully selected for their cleansing, diuretic and fat-regulating properties.

The Grascontrol ® line offers a complete nutritional program that is also suitable as a supplement to any type of diet, without interrupting your daily rhythm.

Grascontrol ® L-Carnitine

Grascontrol L-Carnitine is a dietary supplement that promotes the transport of fatty acids to cells, where they are used to obtain energy. It mobilizes fat from tissues and stimulates proper use by cells during cellular energy metabolism.


  • To convert fatty acids into energy.
  • To promote energy consumption throughout the body.
  • To produce a feeling of increased energy.
  • To reduce the appetite, especially for sweet foods, thereby reducing sugar consumption.
  • To improve muscle tension, especially in combination with exercise.

Grascontrol ® Artichoke extract

Grascontrol ® Artichoke Extract is a cleansing nutritional supplement that is indicated for controlling and preventing fluid retention, fat deposits or bloating, while helping to lower cholesterol.


  • To remove retained fluid and fats.
  • To improve digestion by stimulating the digestion of dietary fats.
  • To support the cleansing processes of the body and relieve a bloated feeling.
  • To lower cholesterol.
  • Antioxidant effect: to deactivate free radicals.

The combination of both Grascontrol products ensures maximum effect. Both products may be alternated daily. Go for the combination advantage and enjoy a cheaper price! 

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