What? Acne occurs in many different forms and degrees, but there is one common cause: (an excess of) sebum. This accumulates in the pores, clogs them and closes them. These sebum deposits are visible as white dots under the skin or as black dots (called comedones or blackheads).

Because dead skin cells block the pore exit, the sebum deposits cannot disappear and the pressure on and in the pores increases. Eventually they break open and the contents enter the surrounding skin, causing inflammation (pimples, pimples). If the inflammation unexpectedly goes deeper into the skin, hard, subcutaneous lumps and abscesses will form there.

Although never scientifically proven, acne is often associated with certain (fatty) foods, vitamin deficiencies, smoking or poor personal hygiene. But every skin (including clean ones) contains a certain amount and type of bacteria. The only difference is that with a greasy skin type this can lead to an infection more quickly.

Then what does it cause? Sometimes it is simply a matter of bad luck: some families simply have more acne than others. The use of certain medicines or the wrong skin care products or make-up can also cause or worsen acne. Hormone fluctuations , however, are the biggest culprit in the vast majority of cases. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and stress are just a few factors that, each in their own way, result in hormone fluctuations and thus acne.

How? Whatever the cause of your acne, a successful approach takes time and discipline. Do not immediately opt for products that are too strong or that degrease too much, as a little sebum must remain on your skin to ensure that the skin's own protective layer remains intact. Otherwise the rain will turn you into a drip. If the skin is degreased too much, it will produce more sebum to compensate, because it is simply aimed at keeping the fat / moisture balance intact. Products that are too strong can sometimes make acne worse.

Incidentally, acne can also initially worsen when using the right products. That's because many of these products contain ingredients that significantly activate cell division and the production of new skin cells (such as salicylic acid and vitamin A). As a result, the skin can release impurities more quickly. So just keep going! Please allow at least 1-1.5 months before you can expect improvement.

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