Mesoestetic Age Element | Anti Aging

Brightening, Firming, Anti-Wrinkle

Skin aging is a gradual process that occurs as a result of a series of changes in the appearance and texture of the skin.
The main visible signs show themselves independently, and they depend on both internal (genetic) and external (lifestyle/environment) factors.

Mesoestetic has developed a completely new anti-aging concept, which acts on those external factors that are responsible for skin aging. A powerful concept that successfully combats this skin aging and gives the beauty shine at every stage of life!

This completely new anti-aging line from Mesoestetic comes in 3 different solutions that can be combined with each other:

  • Age Element Brightening (brightening, for first signs of skin aging)
  • Age Element Firming (firming, when your skin contour is sagging)
  • Age Element Anti-wrinkles (anti-wrinkle, for mature skin with many wrinkles and expression lines)


Ideal for:

  • First wrinkles and expression lines
  • Signs of fatigue
  • Lack of brightness
  • Hyperpigmentation spots

Anti-aging products with an intensive antioxidant and anti pigmentation effect that improve the luminosity of the face and prevent premature aging.

Custom textures with light and fast absorbing formulas that brighten and revitalize your face. Your skin tone is evened out and imperfections in your skin are smoothed out. In addition, the epigenetic activity ensures the avoidance of expression lines.


Ideal for:

  • Signs of fatigue
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Loss of volume and elasticity
  • Loss of firmness in face, neck and neckline

Anti-aging products with formulas and textures designed to treat loss of firmness and redefine the facial contour .

The dipeptide complex provides the reconstructive properties. Light formulas with a firming effect

The firming action provides more elasticity and redefines your facial oval with a lifting effect!


Ideal for:

  • deep wrinkles
  • Eye bags
  • Thin fragile skin
  • Loss of facial volume

Anti-aging products specially designed to treat wrinkles and expression lines.

A combination of plant-based retinol and peptides retexturizes skin and fills wrinkles at their source 

Mesoestetic Age Element - Anti aging products