Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate - Mesoestetic - 30 ml



Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate is a concentrated serum with an intensive regenerating effect to reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

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Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate, makes your wrinkles disappear.

Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate

This is a concentrated serum that intensively treats pronounced wrinkles.

It stimulates the production of endogenous collagen by renewing fibers and intensively smoothing out wrinkles.

A formula additionally enriched with hyaluronic acid that fills the expression lines by re-structuring the face and restoring a younger appearance.

The combination of vegetable retinol, tetrapeptide-72 and hyaluronic acid stimulates dermal protein synthesis and smoothes wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle concentrate has a serum texture and can be applied just like the other Age Element serums in combination with another Age Element serum.

Using Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate

twice a day, morning and evening

Apply 3-4 drops on clean and dry skin

Spread evenly over the face with gentle massages until completely absorbed

Apply alone or in combination with another age element concentrate product

Apply the Anti-wrinkle serum before the usual care cream and/or sun cream

[meso]epigen system™

Retinol vegetable


Hyaluronic Acid