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The big culprit? Mouth caps! we cannot live without it for the time being, and unfortunately that will take a while! It can quickly become very hot under the mouth cap and feel irritated. People can even get (more) pimples. And let's not forget the elastics too! They also unintentionally cause rough, irritated skin.

Alpha-H (read: 'Alpha-age') is a specialist in exfoliation. What makes Alpha-H unique are the high percentages of glycolic acid in combination with high doses of enzymes, peptides, vitamins and antioxidants, and the (where necessary) kept low pH value of the products. Alpha-H is an Australian skincare brand, claiming the balance of science and...

Every beauty addict has one goal: to find the best beauty routine that meets all the needs of our skin!
But how do we achieve an ideal and efficient routine? BoTh Cosmetics helps you on your way in the following blogs ..