Sales and discounts, even after the sales periods at BoTh Cosmetics!


Sustainable Deals and sales throughout the year! Buy Juliette Armand, Mesoestetic, Image Skincare and Philip Martin's cheaply

The bargain season is traditionally the time of year when consumers look forward to spectacular discounts and extraordinary deals. Stores and online retailers compete to attract shoppers' attention with attractive sales.

At Juliette Armand, Mesoestetic, Image Skincare and Philip Martin's we prefer to take a different approach. During this sales period we do not offer any extra sales or discounts, but we strive to provide great offers all year round in the form of discount packages . In addition, we also have our 'price match' policy , with which we adjust our prices to those of our competitors.

Sales during the bargain period

Instead of getting carried away in the hustle and bustle of temporary discounts, we focus on sustainable value for our customers. We do not offer extra sales during the sales period, because we believe that constant benefits increase shopping pleasure, without having to experience the time pressure of having to make that purchase just when you do not need new products yet. Our philosophy is based on the idea that our customers should be able to benefit from attractive prices at any time of the year and should not be tempted by, for example, a free extra product that is not completely to their liking and then remains untouched in the cupboard. to stand...

Value packages: Enjoy affordable beauty products all year round

At Juliette Armand, Mesoestetic, Celestetic, Image Skincare, Vavin, and Philip Martin's we are proud of our value packages. These packages have been carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our packages offer a balanced selection with attractive discounts. By having offers all year round, you can benefit from favorable prices at any time.

Price Match policy: Always the best deal!

Our 'price match' policy is our answer to fair competition. If a customer finds a better offer elsewhere on one of our products, we will be happy to adjust our price. This way we want to ensure that our customers at BoTh Cosmetics always get the best deal, no matter where they shop! Read all about our price match policy here !

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