REPAIR BOOST - Juliette Armand



Hydra Repairing Serum (large version!) - 55 ml

Repairing Mask - 50 ml

Eye Shine Cream - 20 ml

Exfoliating Enzyme Gel - 55 ml

180.00 € 200.00 €

The Hydra Repairing serum is a hydrating and repairing serum for all skin types. It moisturizes and improves the natural skin renewal process and protects the skin from damage caused by solar radiation. Apply a drop to a cleansed face, gently massage until completely absorbed.

The Repairing Mask is an anti-oxidant mask that stimulates the skin's natural defense system and repairs DNA damage to the skin cells. The CHONDRUS CHRISPUS seaweed helps the skin regain its natural balance, softness and texture.

The Eye Shine Cream is the eye care of Elements. This eye cream reduces dark circles and tired eyes.

The Exfoliating Enzyme Gel facial peeling from the Elements series by Juliette Armand, is a refreshing exfoliating facial gel for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. It removes the dead skin cells from the skin, without causing irritation and at the same time revitalizes and brightens the face.