BoTh Cosmetics and climate neutral transport

A Co2 neutral collaboration with DPD

BoTh Cosmetics and DPD, together climate neutral!
BoTh Cosmetics and DPD, together climate neutral!

At BoTh Cosmetics we attach great importance to our climate. 

If we want to protect our skin against harmful influences, it is also extremely important that we also minimize the same harmful influences from outside.

A climate neutral transport solution. That is an essential part of BoTh Cosmetic's promise to our nature!

That is why we chose the most environmentally friendly solution for your package!

DPD: CO2 neutral, sustainable and innovative. Everything in the same package

DPD is constantly working on environmentally friendly solutions for sending packages and takes an important responsibility for the world in which DPD is active as a transport company.

Virtual assistants, parcel machines, cargo bikes: DPD is a forerunner in developing innovative , emission-limiting solutions for sending packages. Not only you as a customer reaps the benefits, but also our environment.

Reducing our CO2 emissions, that's always our goal!

BoTh Cosmetics and eco friendly packaging

Our 100% natural collaboration with RAJA

100% natural woodwol
100% natural woodwol

For its packaging, BoTh Cosmetics resolutely opts for a sustainable solution and uses cardboard boxes that are fully recyclable and already consist of 70% recycled material.

Our cooperation with packaging producer RAJA is based on a responsible way to pack your purchased products as environmentally friendly as possible.

RAJA is a member of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) . This encourages responsible forest management according to 3 sustainable criteria based on social commitment, ecology and economy.

As a PEFC partner , RAJA is committed to the PEFC certificate to promote sustainable forest management. 

For the protection of your products, BoTh Cosmetics uses wood wool . This is a 100% natural product that consists entirely of recycled material and is also fully recyclable. We only need to protect the serums, which consist of a glass vial, with a bubble wrap.

Furthermore, we always try to keep the packaging as small as possible so that we minimize waste production and recycling processing . We have different sizes of packaging that are specially tailored to the products we offer to avoid waste of empty space .