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Juliette Armand at the top of the cosmetic world!

Juliette Armand manages to offer the most advanced, high-end products that are an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery. The products are so developed and composed and undergo continuous improvement processes through safe, revolutionary technologies so that they are a solid competitor for plastic surgery!

Below you will find a brief explanation of some of these innovations within the cosmedical world!


Juliette Armand has succeeded in revolutionizing its range of serums through a natural process. By adjusting and further reducing the molecular structure of amino acids and antioxidants, the active ingredients can now be absorbed through the skin even faster and more precisely (e.g.: vitamin D3, bioplacenta, ceramide, B9, Peonia). Cosmetic drones play a very important role in this process.


any well-known skin care brands today boost their products with high concentrations of ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, to bring the active ingredients deeper into the skin tissue. However, active ingredients are only effective if they are applied to the correct skin layers by precision. To greatly increase an efficient uptake, the active ingredients must be able to be applied to the correct skin layer and only become soluble there. 

By applying only high concentrations, a large part will not be absorbed and unfortunately will simply remain on the surface of the skin.

Cosmetic drones are now a revolutionary technology that is so advanced that the activation of drugs can be linked specifically to specific cells. Peptides are used to link active ingredients to specific proteins. Peptides are molecules that serve as a building block for proteins and occur naturally in our body.

Now it becomes really interesting!


The skin has a communication system through which the skin knows when new collagen needs to be made. Collagen is the glue between the skin cells. It has a natural lifespan and is eventually broken down. This releases protein fragments (peptides). Certain skin cells have specific receptors for these peptides, which cause these skin cells to produce new collagen and thus maintain the level of collagen in the skin.

However, as we age, that system becomes less efficient and skin cells are less stimulated to produce collagen. By adding peptides to the skin, the cells receive new and more impulses to produce new collagen, which ultimately ensures a firmer and fuller skin!

By using specially designed peptides to imitate certain functions in the skin, we enter a new world of skin rejuvenation and improvement!

The use of peptides ensures

  • less high concentrations (which can cause irritation if left on the skin)
  • and still a much better result!

Juliette Armand developed powerful peptides, each with a specific purpose, and incorporated them into its products.

It was named "Effectox peptide complex." 

This 'miracle' complex consists of 

5 powerful components :

Argireline (Acetyl hexapeptide - AH3). A very important botox-like drug that inhibits the formation of adrenaline and noradrenaline and leads to wrinkle reduction. A safe formula without side effects and with scientifically proven results through independent clinical studies. (is only used in THAVMA treatment)

Leuphasyl (amino acid 5 peptides). A synergistic effect is achieved together with Argireline. Muscle contractions are relaxed by reducing the sensitivity of the nerve endings, so that the nerves send fewer signals to the facial muscles and therefore contract them less often and less forcefully. Leuphasyl is a substance in the body and therefore safe.

Ameliox . A natural peptide and liposome complex with a botox-like effect. This slows down the glycation (harder and stiffer skin tissue), provides protection against free radicals (harmful outer substances), protects the collagen structure and enhances the effect of argireline.

Trimoist (hydrocomplex). This component moisturizes and softens the skin, increases elasticity and blocks transsepidermal moisture loss. It provides, as it were, a naturally protective film layer.

Pentacare NA. This softens fine wrinkles and lines and firms the skin.

The Effectox peptide complex can also be found in the Skinboosters range from Juliette Armand. You can view the results of these products here !