GLOWING with Juliette!

GLOWING with Juliette!


Retinoid C Serum - 55 ml

Retinoid C Cream - 50 ml 

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Retinoid C Serum is a repairing, antioxidant serum for all skin types and contains 1% retinoid. It improves the appearance and quality of the skin with the help of Vitamin C and 1% Retinoid HPR Vitamin A.

Retinoid C Cream is a 24-hour repairing cream with a lot of Vitamin C and Retinol. A cream that reduces wrinkles, evens out the skin color, makes the skin very supple and soft and makes it shine beautifully. This is one of the better, protective creams to combat both natural, biological aging and photo aging (accelerated aging as a result of exposure to the sun)!