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It goes without saying that Juliette Armand has joined the very best professional beauty brands worldwide and has no intention of relinquishing her top position!

Juliette Armand can already blow out 30 candles next year! In 1992 the founders, 2 Greek chemists, decided to dive into the beauty world ... and how! Based on leading scientific research, they already brought highly innovative cosmetics from Athens to the market at the time, intended to cause quite a stir regarding efficiency and results.

Today, the brand names Juliette Armand, Skinboosters, Elements series and Sunfilm occupy important top positions worldwide. Active in 40 countries and around the world, Juliette Armand continues to work with the same goals in mind, without looking back or following other cosmetic brands.

Since 1992, science has improved dramatically, and the cosmetics world is becoming increasingly more demanding. It is no longer just about skin care, but also about skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. That is exactly where Juliette Armand excels! Do not let go in their search for new improvements, new cosmedical formulas, on to constantly new innovations in order to continue to shine at the top of the firmament!

As BoTh Cosmetics we are still a relatively young webshop, started in 2019, but our phenomenal 'know-how' and professional experience with Juliette Armand has its origins from the very beginning, with the very first introduction of the brand in Belgium. Already almost 10 years ago! Did you know that we were the very first treatment center to use Juliette Armand's products in Belgium? Our webshop was eventually created at the request of many customers who have been able to enjoy Juliette Armand treatments and products in our treatment center for years.

In the meantime, our webshop is also on the rise, we have expanded it in 4 languages ​​and we currently deliver to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria and Luxembourg.

Customers can always contact us with any skin question or any desire to get an efficient and result-oriented answer quickly.

Are you looking for Juliette Armand products? BoTh Cosmetics permanently has a large stock of Juliette Armand products in stock! Your order will allways be processed with us as soon as possible. 

Do you have questions about the use of these products? Not sure which products would suit you best? An address! BoTh Cosmetics is the reference when it comes to Juliette Armand products, both in Belgium and in our neighboring countries!

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