Skincare during Ramadan


Hi everybody! Nice that you want to take the time to discover how you can best adjust your skincare routine during Ramadan.

During Ramadan we receive a lot of questions from customers about graying skin or other 'stress-sensitive' skin conditions, and that is why we want to explain in this detailed blog how you can even use Ramadan extra to get rid of your skin problems!

During the month of Ramadan you are of course already very disciplined not to eat or drink anything during the day for so many hours, which is why this can also be the ideal period for people with a skin problem to pay just a little more strict attention to the diet, many skin problems can because of this, namely very strongly reduce to even disappear completely!

Ramadan gives you an extra chance to fight acne, rosacea or just blemished skin , because Ramadan offers many benefits for your skin and body through fasting, provided you use it wisely!

What changes during Ramadan? What should I watch out for and avoid?

Your digestion will completely relax during the fast, your body will completely detoxify itself, creating a natural detox effect, your mindset and emotions will change and your diet will of course also change drastically.

Make good use of this and make sure that you avoid that unhealthy food after sunset. It may seem cliché, but by paying extra attention to your diet during Ramadan, you achieve a detox effect that is much more difficult to achieve in this natural way during the rest of the year. Your skin problem can even be greatly reduced or almost completely disappear during Ramadan!

So, if you feel addressed if you have impure skin, severe acne, rosacea ... then we will tackle this extra during Ramadan by avoiding as much dairy as possible to discourage sebum production.

So avoid cheese or yogurt and definitely omit that daily glass of milk with dates , because this makes it even worse .. switch to oat milk, almond milk or soy milk. You can replace cheese with humus or a slice of chicken breast.

It is also best to leave bread with gluten , both at sohor and iftar. Because of the gluten in the bread you promote very much inflammation.

What can I eat, we already hear you think! For example, choose banana bread, an easy recipe without gluten or other harmful substances for your skin, or spelled crackers, corn crackers where you put the humus or a slice of chicken fillet with sohor.

Sugars .. avoid sugars! Very tempting, especially those soft drinks with iftar! We really recommend avoiding sugary drinks as much as possible. Replace that soft drink with, for example, a smoothie. Besides dairy and bread, sugar is the third culprit you should absolutely try to avoid! An additional plus is that you have better control of your weight, but your general health will also improve noticeably, such as your intestines.

So avoid dairy, bread (gluten) and sugars as much as possible!

Huge drop in moisture content and energy content during Ramadan

However, your skin also deteriorates in 2 very important points during the month of Ramadan: the moisture and energy content drops enormously.

Your body gets energy from the food you eat, which is necessary to supply your muscles and essential organs such as heart, liver, lungs, kidneys ... with the necessary substances to live a healthy life. However, your skin is the last wagon of your energy train here. Your skin may be your largest organ, but in essence it is also the least important. When you are sick, you do not feel well, you are tired ... you can see that very quickly on your facial skin: dry bags under the eyes, circles, pimples, eczema, blisters ...

During the fast your energy level deteriorates enormously, so that after a few days you can see a gray glow and fatigue. You can certainly remedy this by boosting your face once or twice a week by applying a good, strong nourishing mask and giving your skin an extra good night's sleep. We especially recommend the new Vitality Cream Mask from Juliette Armand! 

The greatly reduced moisture content also causes great damage to your skin. The most important thing to remedy this is of course drinking drinking drinking, which, however, is not possible during the day during the Ramadan period and at night you also need that rest, so it is not at all self-evident to purify your moisture content again. Your skin will feel extremely dry. Here are some very good products on the market that provide a very strong hydrating, moisturizing boost, such as the Image Skincare Hydrating Water Burst or the Multi Hydrating Cream from Juliette Armand.

How and when do you apply product when you wash several times a day?

If you rub your face with products such as Image Skincare, Mesoestetic or Juliette Armand at least an hour before washing, then you are in the right place. Because these products are completely absorbed into your skin within half an hour and it is in that under skin, where it is needed, and then of course you do not have to reapply product after each wash. Maybe just a little I-conceal to cover a bit here and there.

We wish our Muslim neighbors the best of luck during this holy period!