Bitcoin as payment for skin care and cosmetics!


From now on we also accept Bitcoin as a payment method at BoTh Cosmetics for the purchase of your skin care and cosmetics!

Paying with a crypto currency, such as bitcoin, is relatively easy in our webshop. Just like with apps such as Payconiq and those of your own bank, you as a customer will see a QR code. You then scan the QR code with your own app or a so-called crypto wallet.

BoTh Cosmetics is the very first - and currently the only one! - beauty webshop in the BENELUX that accepts bitcoin as a payment method!

We would like to offer you as a customer the opportunity to immediately convert your bitcoin into real value, without first having to go through (the cash register of) your bank to convert your bitcoin into euros!

From now on you can purchase your skin care products, your make-up, your jar of night cream, your cleansing lotion, ... simply with your bitcoin!

Simple, and without additional processing costs!

"We are an online store that follows the current trend. You see that large companies now also allow bitcoin payments, such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon ... and so we do not want to be left behind but participate in the future.