Age Element Brightening Eye contour - Mesoestetic - 15ml



Age Element Brightening Cream for the eye contour with brightening effect. The active ingredients reduce the signs of fatigue by intensively treating (hyper) pigmented circles under the eyes and restoring the skin's radiance.

It contains a ceramic applicator with a cooling effect that promotes an anti-fatigue effect. 

57.50 €

Age Element Brightening Eye Contour, reduces eye bags, (pigmented) dark circles and signs of fatigue!

This Brightening Eye Contour from Mesoestetic contains a bacterial ferment that reduces hyperpigmented dark circles. The action of sage extract and a microbiological trisaccharide provides hydration and smoothes expression lines.

Use of Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Eye Contour

twice a day, morning and evening.

Apply morning and evening with the ceramic applicator to obtain a cooling effect and enhance the unblocking effect.

Apply after the serum and before the treatment cream and/or sunscreen.

Hyaluronic Acid

Extracto biotechnológico marino

Fermento bacteria

[meso]epigen system™

Vitamin C