Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Mesoestetic - 50 ml



Age Element Anti-Wrinkle cream offers smoother skin, free of imperfections, and with a Botox-like effect. Its action helps to protect and correct wrinkles and expression lines.

A botox alternative that reduces wrinkles and fine lines!

90.50 €

Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream, restorative cream with botox-like effect to remove wrinkles

Age Element Anti Wrinkle Cream

This is a restructuring cream that smoothes wrinkles and provides smoother skin without imperfections.

A formula rich in regenerating active ingredients that treat the wrinkles at the root of the problem and reduce and correct their general appearance.

The content of acetylhexapeptide-1 has a Botox-like effect that smoothes the expression of dynamic wrinkles and provides immediately visible results.

This cream has a creamy texture, with a comfortable feel but without a greasy finish.

Use of Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream

twice a day, morning and evening.

Apply to clean, dry skin

Spread the Anti-Wrinkle cream evenly over the face with gentle massages until completely absorbed.

Supplement your routine for complete photo-aging protection by applying a sunscreen.

[meso]epigen system™
Acetyl Hexapeptide - 1 (reduces wrinkles and fine lines)
Hyaluronic Acid
Plant Retinol