Hydra clarifying Serum - Juliette Armand - 55ml


This Hydra Clarifying Serum moisturizes, firms and balances oily, acne-prone skin. A serum that combines hyaluronic acid with carnation extract, to regulate oiliness, and red clover extract, which helps to reduce the size of dilated pores.

The LMW hyaluronic acid contained in this restorative serum hydrates and balances the oiliness of the (acne) skin.

Large version - 55 ml content (price/quantity is much cheaper compared to 20 ml!)

65.00 €

Hydra Clarifying Serum, with Red Clover and Carnation to regularize oily (acne) skin

Enlarged pores and acne are often an overlapping problem. Oily skin types cause overactive sebum production, which can both enlarge pores and clog the follicle, causing red and inflamed spots.

With the Red Clover extract we provide the skin with the products needed to minimize sebum production, purify pore blocks and prevent the premature aging caused by enlarged and visible pores.

Use of Hydra Clarifying Serum

Apply a small amount to clean skin and massage until absorbed.

Main ingredients

Red Clover Extract 1% (Miniporyl), LMW Hyaluronic Acid, Arginine, Carnation Extract