Everyday Hand Wash - Philip Martin's Hand Elixir - 500ml


Philip Martin's launches a luxurious elixir with this daily hand wash that leaves a long-lasting and intense amber scent on the skin.

The delicate ingredients in this delightful hand cleanser clean without being irritating:

  • Organic Yarrow Extract - Moisturizing
  • Organic Marigold Extract - Calming
  • Wood Violet Extract - Soothing

A rich collection of natural extracts that will undeniably leave your hands feeling hydrated and soft. The long-lasting, effervescent, intense amber scent, as known at Philip Martin's, is again a huge asset for people who love uniqueness, luxury and well-being.

This hand wash only comes in a 500 ml version, ideal for the kitchen and bathroom, but especially in the smallest room, where the housemates and guests are welcomed again and again with an incredibly unique hand soap that will last a long time at the table or in the sofa. and will smell pleasant.

Bet it will be discussed at the dinner table?!

40.00 €

Philip Martin's Hand Elixir, perfect cleaner with an incredibly nice scent!


The name of the genus was established by Linnaeus and stems from the belief that Achilles had used these plants during the siege of Troy to heal Télefo's wounds. It has anti-seborrheic, anti-inflammatory and firming properties.


Marigold is a perennial herb with excellent properties. The most important are its healing, antiseptic, anti-redness and soothing properties and the flavonoids contained in it have an important anti-inflammatory effect