Vitality Dry Oil - Juliette Armand - 55 ml!!

NEW! 55 ML!!

Rejuvenating Dry Oil Packed with Omega!

This Vitality Dry Oil hydrates, refreshes and nourishes the skin barrier with Omega.

An excellent extra aid for a smooth, even, younger-looking skin and a healthy complexion, regardless of your age or skin type!

57.00 €

"Vitality Dry Oil, feel the positive effect of Omega on your skin!"

Vitality Dry Oil is a blend of oils, packed with Omega Ω3- Ω6- Ω9, tocopherols, phytosterols and flavonoids with multiple actions.

This powerful blend improves skin barrier function and reduces transdermal moisture loss.

The Omega oil has an anti-inflammatory effect by protecting the cell membranes and limiting damage to skin DNA as much as possible. The cell membranes are relaxed, so that other active ingredients are absorbed even better.

In addition, this Omega-rich oil also reduces the sensitivity of the skin and improves microcirculation, so that redness and roughness are less likely. Your skin will feel smoother and softer!

Vitality Dry Oil has a dry texture and does not leave any greasiness.


You use this oil after applying your serum and before your cream, or simply on its own as an extra 'boost' for your skin. Apply a small amount and massage until this 'Omega bomb' is absorbed.


On top of the skin is a protective layer, the skin barrier, which consists of fatty substances that our body cannot produce itself, but are nevertheless very important for the proper functioning of your skin.

Omega helps keep your skin and its skin barrier in top condition and ensures smoother, more even and younger looking skin with a healthy complexion, regardless of your age or skin type!

Omega 3 keeps your cell membranes healthy and flexible, so that other active ingredients are better absorbed.

Omega 3 also offers help with hormone fluctuations and has an anti-inflammatory effect (e.g. acne, rosacea and eczema)