Instant Tightening Mask - Juliette Armand - 6 pcs


A "Leave on" mask of collagen microfibers for immediate results and immediate tightening of forehead wrinkles, wrinkles at the crow's feet, jaw contour and naso labial filler (nose-corner fold)

This Instant Tightening mask consists of (6 x) 2 patches that are activated with serum. The mask provides immediate results and immediate strengthening of your skin.

43.00 €

1-minute miracle! You really have to try these Instant Tightening patches to believe!

Welcome the very latest generation of collagen with this Instant Tightening Mask. These patches are completely of vegetable origin, yet this collagen is 98% identical to the animal and human collagen. This breakthrough from Juliette Armand is truly unique and extremely innovative in today's cosmetic industry world! .

Thanks to advanced scientific research, Juliette Armand has succeeded in almost completely reproducing human collagen adhv. vegetable collagen.

Instant Tightening Mask by Juliette Armand uses an innovative 3-fold technology that allows the absorption of high concentrations of collagen and elastin through the skin.

Extensive research in the field of cell genetics, fermentation and electrospinning makes it possible today to introduce a high concentration of collagen, which is more than 98% identical to our own skin collagen (type III), into the skin, resulting in immediate improvement of the skin.

The combination with 17% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and glycogen works synergistically and acts as a huge booster.

Use of Instant Tightening Mask

You should always activate Instant Tightening Mask using a serum. You can choose the desired serum yourself, but we recommend the Collagen Elastin serum with this mask , which fits perfectly with this.

Apply the Collagen Elastin serum to the desired area for five days . This unique serum contains 10% hydrolyzed marine collagen and 2% hydrolyzed marine elastin.

Then apply Instant Tightening Mask to the moist serum and let it soak in for a minute. Then remove the blue film and enjoy the sleek result!

For maintenance you can use the product once or twice a week or before an event!

Main active ingredients of Instant Tightening Mask

Collagen, Hyaluronic Αcid, Glycogen, Pullulan