Opsis Eye Cream - Juliette Armand - Skinboosters - 10 ml

This eye cream strengthens and refreshes fine eye contour. She tackles ramparts and circles relentlessly and provides an instant anti-wrinkle effect !! A very efficient panacea!

The cream is specially designed for correcting wrinkles in the eye area and ptosis (drooping upper eyelid). 

The ingredients stimulate the natural functioning of the cells, hydrates and strengthens the elasticity of the skin (bags under the eyes).

68.50 €

The high-tech ointment is in fact a cocktail of the advanced peptide complex that we also find with the Chronos Hydra Correct skin booster cream. The complex ensures a targeted release of the active ingredients through the specific receptors in the skin cells, so that only a very small amount of active ingredients is needed to achieve an equally strong or even better rejuvenation effect than with normal conventional anti-aging products.

Because fewer substances are needed, the skin is also less irritated. The wrinkles and puffiness to be treated around the eye area will be addressed in a very targeted way and will give your face that young look in a very short time!

This is exactly why the Skinbooster range from Juliette Armand is so sought after: they do their job!

The cream soothes the wrinkles in the area around the eyes and ensures that the upper eyelid is lifted naturally by stimulating collagen.

In addition, calming active ingredients provide a soothing effect and intense hydration (due to the hyaluronic acids present) prevents the formation of dark circles and bags.

The skin around the eyes is generally firmed and strengthened.

We recommend applying the product daily on cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening. First try with a very small amount (0.25 ml per application is sufficient), you will soon find that this will suffice.

This high-end panacea contains, among other things, the highly effective ingredients Argireline (from the same family as botox) and matrixyl 3000 ® (stimulates natural collagen and hyaluron production)

A real first-line help against bags, dark circles, puffy eyes or sunken upper eyelids!