Color Control Cream Light - Juliette Armand - Elements - 50 ml

LIGHT SHADE - on backorder

This cream provides a natural and even complexion thanks to a combination of 7 different pigments that give you a coverage adapted to the natural color of your skin.

In addition, this cream contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. Vitamin PP provides increased ceramide and fatty acid production, improves skin elasticity and fights discolouration. It gives your skin a healthy and natural complexion.

50.00 €

Wrinkles and fine lines are also softened by the matrixyl 3000 which stimulates the production of collagen. Aloe Vera prevents irritation or inflammation of the skin.

With added SPF10, your skin is protected daily against both UVA and UVB rays. The cream does not feel greasy at all, is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

This quality cream is available in a darker and lighter version and ensures a radiant and youthful skin! 

This is the light shade!

Apply as makeup.