Bodyshock Celluxpert - Mesoestetic - 200 ml


Bodyshock Celluxpert prevents Cellulite and reduces orange peel skin. Celluxpert improves the skin structure and moisturizes your skin.

Celluxpert can be used with or without the attached special massage head, a mini glass roller that increases the penetration of the active ingredients and microcirculation.

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Bodyshock Celluxpert, prevents Cellulite and reduces orange peel skin

The term cellulite refers to the dimple in the skin that usually occurs on the hips, thighs, and buttocks, caused by fatty deposits that push and distort the connective tissue under the skin. While this is completely normal, the "orange peel" effect on the skin is something most people would rather not see.

All women are prone to cellulite due to hormones and their predisposition to store fat in the hips and thighs. Cellulite is normally fat under the skin that appears lumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, creating a dimple in the skin. By taking a scientific look at cellulite, we can find effective ways to help improve its appearance.

Cellulite will always be there when you squeeze the skin on your thighs, but the trick is to reduce it to a level where it's minimized and barely visible to the naked eye.

Use of Bodyshock Celluxpert

The mini glass roller, with on/off system, ensures good dosing of the product. Apply the Celluxpert to the skin with circular movements and massage.

Main active ingredients in this Celuxpert Cream:

Caffeine: increases fat burning and removes toxins

L-carnitine: mobilizes fat into energy

Extract of Brassicalba and Capsaine: stimulating, lipolytic effect

Arnica extract: venotonic vasoprotective effect

Organic silicon: regenerating, restructuring.