Body Shock Intensive Mist - Mesoestetic - 2 x 35 ml


Bodyshock Intensive Mist is an active formula to act on localized areas and define the look of your silhouette.

Bodyshock Intensive Mist contains milk thistle extract, caffeine and arnica extract that enhance the action of the complex, visibly smoothing cellulite imperfections.

80.00 €

Bodyshock Intensive Mist provides extra stimulation and intensification of the other Bodyshock products

You can expect a booster from this Intensive Mist, with intensive lipolytic action that reduces local fat cells, specifically for application in the more difficult areas such as the abdomen, hip and arms.

Bodyshock Intensive Mist contains a light formula with an invisible finish and an easy-to-apply mist that is the perfect product to use before exercise. The combined use with the other Bodyshock products intensifies and improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

Due to the addition of active ingredients with a stimulating and firming effect, you can feel an intense heat or tingling on the applied area after use. This effect may vary depending on the person, day or time of day it is applied. This feeling characterizes the action of the active ingredients on the treated area. It is temporary and should not be confused with an unwanted effect.

How to use this Body Shock Intensive Mist:

The new Bodyshock Intensive Mist is a biphasic concentrate mist that works by reducing fat in the more stubborn areas, such as the abdomen and hips.

Preferably apply before a sport or training session for even more effective results.

1. Screw the bottle into the dispenser until it "clicks".

2. Shake the product and release it by turning to the left until the mechanism is unlocked.

3. Place the product approximately 20 cm from the skin and press the bottom of the bottle to spray the solution.

4. Apply evenly with a gentle circular massage until completely absorbed. You will notice a feeling of immediate and progressive activation.

Main active ingredients in Bodyshock Intensive Mist:


Arnica extract
Cylibum marianum extract
[meso]adipoactive complex™