Sensitive Cleansing Gel - Juliette Armand - Elements - 210 ml

The Sensitive Cleansing Gel from Juliette Armand, is a facial cleanser specially for sensitive skin types and for the area around the eyes.

This facial cleanser removes dirt and makeup, while protecting the skin against harmful substances and air pollution.

35.50 €

In this 'sensitive' cleanser we mainly find the Helianthus seed extract, cold-pressed oil obtained from the seeds of the Sunflower.

This oil is very often used in anti-aging creams, in baby oil and in hair conditioners and is a source of multiple fatty acids that contain vitamins A, B1, C and E, supplemented with proteins and various minerals.

The oil is best known for soothing and reducing skin irritations. It is a light and mild caring oil that softens and protects. It makes the skin satiny and leaves no greasy feeling.

In addition, we also find Hedera Helix leaf extract, an extract with many beneficial ingredients. It increases the blood circulation in the skin and fights bacteria, fungi and parasites. The fabric also has a deswelling effect and the tannins provide an astringent effect that is good for wound healing. Moreover, this leaf extract stimulates the formation of a new skin.

Apply a small amount to the face with circular movements, then gently remove with a compress.

Main ingredients are Helianthus seed extract, Hedera Helix leaf and root extract, Osmopure, MMW Sodium Hyaluronate olive oil and Arginine.