Hydratonic Mist - Mesoestetic - 125 ml

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Balancing, anti-pollution, hydrating tonic in a nebulizing spray form.

Completes cleansing and strengthens the skin's microbiota balance.

All skin types.



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Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist, a moisturizing, regenerating and smoothing spray for the skin ...

Mesoestetic reformulates its entire cleanser range and launches Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist. Developed in a spray presentation, it aims to create the rehydrating, calming and firming feeling at home as achieved in the beauty salon!

Hydratonic Mist is a toning lotion for the face, suitable for all skin types. Its purpose is to close the pores and strengthen the skin.

This hydratonic lotion has a moisturizing effect and represents the final cleansing step , removing all traces of dirt or impurities and relieving the skin.

Formulated with rose water, it leaves the skin fresh, purified and perfectly hydrated. It also contains panthenol (provitamin B5) for a regenerating and softening effect, making the skin comfortable. Alcohol-free and with a skin-friendly pH, it prevents dehydration through cleaning. Ideal to precede facials, allowing better penetration of key ingredients.

Additional actions ...

Mesoestetic has developed a new generation of solutions to offer the latest innovation in facial hygiene that allows you to go beyond the cleansing action itself. That is why Hydratonic Mist offers two additional actions:

  • 1) Bio-balancing action

A postbiotic active ingredient, Lactobacillus Ferment, obtained from the fermentation of a bacterium, improves the balance of the microbiota to strengthen and maintain the skin barrier function under optimal conditions. Each formula has a slightly acidic pH that maintains balance and protects the skin from unwanted pathogenic microorganisms.

  • 2) Anti-pollution

A biotechnologically active ingredient, Urban D-tox, has a dual action on the effects of pollution on the skin: jointly removing the polluting particles and reducing oxidative stress that is known to accelerate skin aging.

Safety and high tolerance ...

In addition to these two complementary actions, Hydratonic Mist also guarantees safety and a high tolerance for the skin. This is because Mesoestetic products are subject to rigorous testing carried out by independent experts. These specialists dermatologically test the formulas through patch tests (tolerance tests under the supervision of a dermatologist) that ensure the skin compatibility of each product.

In addition to these dermatological tests, the formulas also undergo a hypoallergenic test. This strengthens the sensitivity test by repeating the patch test 9 times in a 3-week curve, also under the supervision of a dermatologist. This guarantees maximum tolerance. This test is mainly aimed at sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

In addition, comedogeneity is tested. A test performed on oily and acne-prone skin. It is a frequent use test on this type of skin, where a dermatologist assesses whether occlusions develop and whether injuries occur after 28 days of use in the study areas.

Finally, the formulas are ophthalmologically tested through a test commonly used in the periocular area or on the ocular mucosa, where the patient reports his sensations and an ophthalmologist evaluates possible irritations or adverse reactions. Overcoming it implies excellent tolerability in the eye mucosa and eye contour.

How do we use Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist ...

Start the beauty ritual by using the Micellar Biphasic Solution . A two-phase makeup remover with high tolerance for eyes and lips. Gently remove dirt and make-up, including waterproof make-up.

Then - all over the face, neck and décolleté - use the Purifying Mousse for oily acne-prone skin, or the Brightening Foam for normal or combination skin with blemishes, or Hydracream Fusion for dry or sensitive skin.

Moisten the skin and then massage the cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Remove with warm water.

Then finish your cleansing with this Hydratonic Mist . Spray the face from a distance of 15 or 20 cm. Let it work for a few seconds. Remove any excess using a cotton pad or tissue.