How you can improve the results of your beauty routine


Every beauty addict has one goal: to find the best beauty routine that meets all the needs of our skin!

But how do we achieve an ideal and efficient routine? BoTh Cosmetics helps you on your way in the following blogs ..


The secret of an efficient beauty routine is mainly in a carefully chosen selection of products that offer your skin the right support at the right time. Your skin is a living organ that requires appropriate care depending on your age, the seasons and hormonal stages. 

Gloves in the winter, a short skirt in the summer ... you also adjust your clothes to make you and your skin as comfortable as possible?! The pursuit of beautiful, healthy skin is also easier by adapting your skin care to the fluctuations that your skin is exposed to!

In combination with your normal daily care, Mesoestetic offers 5 different ampoules with the possibility to greatly improve your skin routine depending on the needs of your skin. It is a welcome way to not drastically adjust your daily routine but to supplement it with powerful ingredients that your skin will gratefully use!

These 5 additional routines are offered in 10 separate ampoules, each containing the optimum amount of ingredients. The dark glass format, packed in a sterile atmosphere, offers maximum safety and ensures that the properties of the formula are perfectly preserved even after a while!

Mesoestetic proteoglycan ampoules

These ampoules offer an intensive treatment for dry, mature or devitalized skin, which extra nourishes and firms the skin and fights the signs of aging. The concentrated formula contains active ingredients that work synergistically to provide more firmness, elasticity and nutrition to the tissues of your skin. The light texture is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and comfortable.

Mesoestetic Melatonin ampoules

Melatonin ampoules are an intensive anti-aging treatment that is applied in the evening and that promotes the regeneration process of your skin to prevent the skin damage caused by external factors during the day and thus prevent and correct skin aging effects. The concentrated formula has a synergistic effect because it stimulates nocturnal recovery processes but also accelerates the anti-oxidation mechanisms. You get a nice soft skin that feels comfortable due to the rich texture of these ampoules.

Mesoestetic Anti-aging ampoules

Anti-aging flash ampoules help you to look great on any occasion. The MUST HAVE for events and special occasions and a perfect first aid for a stressful Monday!

This intensive anti-aging treatment is suitable for all skin types and provides an immediate anti-fatigue and sharpening effect. The concentrated formula contains anti-aging ingredients against wrinkles and expression lines that also increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The light texture is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and comfortable.

Glycolic E and F ampoules

Glycolic + E + F ampoules are an intensive weekly treatment that helps accelerate skin renewal to reduce visible imperfections on the skin surface (acne scars, wrinkles, stains, dilated pores, dull skin, uneven texture, etc.). An effective exfoliating effect with an optimal dermal tolerance. Light in texture and fast absorption ensure a comfortable experience.

Polution Defense ampoules

Ampoules against external pollution is an intensive treatment that effectively protects against the aggressions of everyday city life and thus causes premature aging. The concentrated formula blocks oxidation processes and increases your skin protection against the effects of environmental pollution on the skin. It provides long-lasting hydration that keeps the skin hydrated all day long.