Mesoprotech Moisturising Sun Protection SPF 50+ Mesoestetic - 50 ml

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Moisturising Sun Protection 50+ SPF, with its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, is an essential addition to any type of treatment involving temporary drying of the epidermis.

Moisturising Sun Protection contains different types of sun filters that offer a very high sun protection and thus produce a powerful barrier effect against UV rays.

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Mesoprotech Moisturising Sun protection 50SPF+, affordable and super high protection against the sun!

Apply this Mesoprotech Moisturizing Sun Protection at least half an hour before each sun exposure. This is suitable for the whole body. The skin should be dry and the lotion should be applied evenly with a light massage.

Avoid any contact with the eyes.

Application every six hours is recommended during prolonged exposure to obtain the optimal level of skin protection.

Key Ingredients in Moisturizing Sun Protection



Vitamin E