Mesoprotech, your bodyguard at all times!


Mesoestetic offers a very complete range of sun protection against UVA-UVB-IR-HEV.

The dermatologically tested formulas contain very specific textures that provide unique, adapted protection according to the requirements and needs of each skin type, for every age and during every living, working or leisure situation.

The great added value of an extra, innovative anti-aging factor not only protects this line, it also provides extra collagen production in the extracellular matrix, which helps prevent aging through the natural process of photoaging (skin aging) due to light and sun).

All mesoprotech® products contain very specific active ingredients, with which Mesoestetic can profile itself as a leader against photoaging and sun damage.

The nebulizer products also contain, for example, vitamin E, which offers an antioxidant, protective effect against free radicals that constantly damage the skin.

Furthermore, the entire mesoprotech® range contains a broad "spectrum photoprotector complex" that combines physical, biological and chemical filters with maximum effect against UVB, UVA, HEV and IR radiation.

In this way the skin is always protected against light pollution and sun, at all levels, so that cell oxidation and aging are efficiently prevented!

The Broad-spectrum sun protection complex:

Protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

Protection against visible light ( HEV )

  • Protection against infrared radiation ( IR ).

  • Optimal formula of physical, biological and chemical filters that ensure maximum protection, combined with efficient anti-aging ingredients!

Mesoprotech by Mesoestetic.

Your bodyguard at any time!