Aloe Vera Serum - Juliette Armand - Elements - 55ml!


Big version - 55ml content (price / quantity much cheaper than the 20ml version!)

Aloe Vera Serum is a serum with a high concentration of green aloe vera extract, which has a powerful calming effect.

Aloe vera is an excellent natural cocktail as it contains vitamin C, vitamin E, enzymes, amino acids and many other beneficial ingredients.

It has a moisturizing effect and helps reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

52.00 €
  • Serum with a powerful calming effect
  • Helps reduce skin irritation and inflammation
  • Supports the healing process of skin damage
  • Has an intensive moisturizing effect
  • Suitable for daily care for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for repairing the skin, for example after long exposure to sunlight