This anti-aging moisturizer from Image Skincare is so good ..


.. that customers remain loyal to it ever since!

We are talking about Image Skincare's showpiece from their bestselling Vital C line, the 'one and only': Hydrating Intense Moisturizer!

Dry, flaky skin is no fun at all, and we would like to get rid of it as soon as possible! Are you, like many, with a skin that is much too dry and do you secretly get satisfaction from peeling off these dead skin flakes, like dry glue ..? Well, then there is good news!

There are many reviews praising this super moisturizer. As if it seems there could be no better treatment for a lack of moisture in winter and the avoidance and repair of dry, flaky skin. Many customers have discovered this moisturizing cream in a spa treatment, and have stuck to this blissful-smelling moisturizer ever since! They find that this moisturizer makes their skin feel young and highly hydrated, and supplemented with a serum, it makes their skin glow with bliss.

If you've never tried a great vitamin C product before, this Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer from Image Skincare will brighten your skin, as if you increased the brightness of your phone!

This moisturizing cream from Image Skincare Vital C smells wonderfully of oranges, and while it is not a requirement for vitamin C skin care to smell great, enjoying the scent while the ingredients brighten and soften your skin is an added bonus. .

This moisturizer is great. It has healed my sun spots and acne scars! It absorbs great and looks great under my makeup. It also helped with stubborn wrinkles under my eyes. I definitely recommend it for someone looking for a great moisturizer for sensitive skin!

My holy grail 'cold weather moisturizer'. You only need a little bit, this product lasts for a long time! I like the light citrus scent. This moisturizer is thick and creamy without making my skin oily. You can feel this product sink into the skin and the hydration really lasts all day. I love this product and cannot live without it.

My skin was insanely dry and my esthetician recommended that I try this moisturizer. It smells AMAZING and really helped my skin a lot! It does not leave my skin feeling thick and sticky.

Best product ever! No joke. I love how hydrated and bright my face feels after using this product. I use it every day and I am so happy! Immediately after the Vital C cleanser I use the mask and after the mask I use this Vital C moisturizer. Talking about the best threesome ever!

Image Skincare - Vital C