PHILIP MARTIN'S. Premium Make-up collection


Philip Martins creates a new and seductive language in the world of make-up. A premium collection that emphasizes the refined textures and the brilliance of the colors with functional and precious ingredients.

This concentration of high-quality, natural active ingredients offers you the perfect finish to your daily beauty ritual. Velvety textures, for a professional application result and second skin comfort. The colors reflect the light and add shine to your skin. Effects that emphasize the volumes. Natural sensory makeup. Let perfection conquer you!

Philip Martin's has released a professional, timeless make-up collection to enhance your beauty even more. With this exclusive make up line in your toilet or handbag you will be in a select company of prominent people and TV personalities who only want to be painted with Philip Martin's! Make-up that you cannot just buy anywhere, only available from the better beauty professional .

Enjoy an exclusive selection of beauty products / make-up, based on the natural philosophy of Philip Martin's, a brand that is currently making a strong rise in the VIP beauty scene.

The products contain a concentration of natural active ingredients such as olive oil, chamomile or moringa, which together with vitamin E or hyaluronic acid form that extra mile that can complete the daily beauty ritual to perfection, without losing the passion for it!

Philip Martin's combines excellent product performance with the naturalness of the ingredients and the constant search for the perfect balance between nature and science.

An almost unprecedented concept, born from the idea of ​​Mauro Trimigliozzi in 2006, which is based on removing any toxic substance from the make-up product to create a beauty ritual that meets the quality standards and values ​​of today and future. generations.   


Philip Martin's, the best ingredients for better make-up!

Jojoba Oil, Calabrian Orange Essence, Italian Grown Aloe, Mediterranean Olive Oil and Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract.

Philip Martin's uses only the best ingredients of natural and organic derivatives and only integrates them with non-toxic chemicals to obtain products that improve the quality and beauty of the skin.

These natural formulas contain no sodium lauryl sulfate, no peg dyes, no plastics, no alcohol, no propylene glycol, no methyl or butyl paraben. The active ingredients with which make-up is enriched make the finishing touch extremely efficient, functional and performant!

Philip Martin's Make Up