Anti-puffiness and under eye bags cream, an absolute must have


Anti-puffiness cream: an absolute must have

Almost every day I get the question "Patricia, how do I get rid of my bags under the eyes ?!" In fact, not a crazy question, because almost everyone has had bags under their eyes at some point. Usually sleep deprivation is quickly identified as the culprit, but there are many more factors that can play a role. A short night does not help, of course, but to look fresh and radiant, a good anti-puffiness cream is an indispensable part of your personal beauty routine. I would like to tell you more about the effect and benefits of a good cream to make your bags and dark circles disappear.

Does anti-puffiness cream really work?

Yes! Although it depends a bit on what kind of bags you have. Some people have inherited it from their parents and it is in their genes. Then there is unfortunately little you can do about it. However, an anti-puffiness cream does help with a different type of puffiness, namely the well-known dark circles around the eyes. Many factors play a role here, such as insufficient sleep, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition to getting rid of the circles with an anti-puffiness cream, you should also work on these points.

What does a good anti-puffiness cream do?

Bags under the eyes occur when fat, moisture and waste products accumulate. The skin around the eyes is very thin, causing dark circles. That is very annoying, because you immediately get a tired impression. A good anti-puffiness cream, such as the Opsis Eye Gel from Juliette Armand or the Image MD Restoring Collagen Recovery Eye Gel , immediately tackles the most common problems. The eye contour is lifted and the problem area is intensively hydrated and nourished. 

Anti-puffiness cream and concealer

With a good anti-puffiness cream you tackle the accumulations under the thin skin. Hydration and ultimate care immediately reduce the tired appearance. However, the skin around the eyes may still remain dark. Therefore, complete your beauty kit with a concealer. With a concealer you can easily cover the dark circle. This combination with an anti-puffiness cream ensures that you get out the door radiantly every morning. Image Skincare offers very good concealers in different shades.

How do you choose the right anti-puffiness cream?

The range of facial care products is enormous, and anti-puffiness creams come from many different brands and in all price ranges. It is especially important that you choose a moisturizing and deep-nourishing anti-puffiness cream, one that you can also use daily. In addition, it is good to look at your type of skin. There are also specific anti-puffiness creams for, for example, dry skin, sensitive skin or oily skin.

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