IMAGE Skincare, our new top brand!


Professional skin improvement, effective results. The IMAGE Skincare philosophy.

We are proud to announce a new milestone at BoTh Cosmetics today! The exclusive IMAGE Skincare is a top beauty brand that is at the same level as Juliette Armand and Mesoestetic and thus fits perfectly in our pursuit of efficient and visible results with exclusive brands that have proven their effectiveness for many years.

IMAGE really cares about your skin. Everything to do with it, every type, every day. That is why we are proud and passionate to now also recommend these very user-friendly products from this top brand!

We help you effectively fight against skin aging and harmful external effects. Skin professionals around the world praise these IMAGE products. Join us in this wonderful, colorful adventure and be assured of one of the world's very best beauty brands!

Reputable doctors, beauticians, skin therapists, spa owners trust IMAGE to keep skin looking fresh, healthy and youthful. Because it works. Many bloggers now testify to their positive experiences with this American brand.

It's simple. IMAGE now. Age later®