Your daily skincare routine around the clock!


From 7 am to 11 pm, your skin needs to be protected against harmful factors. Your face is exposed daily to free radicals and toxins from outside such as the sun, fog, smog, cigarette smoke and exhaust gasses. Therefore, it is best to use a mild cleansing in the morning to remove the waste that has been released during the night and, after your serum , which ensures active skin improvement, always apply a protective day cream .

Between 11 pm and 7 am the skin recovers from free radicals and toxins. These are released through the skin overnight. It requires a mild cleansing in the morning to first remove the radicals emitted instead of having them absorb a cream again! Use a more intensive cleaning in the evening. This paves the way for a better recovery and a faster release of the radicals and toxins absorbed during the day. An AHA lotion is ideal for daily use in the evening and once or twice a week an evening face scrub and face mask provides an extra deep cleansing!

Between 11 pm and 3 am - and especially around 1 o'clock in the morning - the skin has a peak in its recovery. Cell division is 8x (!) Faster than during the day! A good night's rest is therefore essential and also ensures an ideal blood circulation so that the skin absorbs the active ingredients much faster. Night creams and night serums are therefore an indispensable part of the daily routine, because the night ensures the most efficient absorption of the active ingredients.