6 easily efficient habits to wait no longer!


Nobody ever reaches an old age and say wow, I wish I had cared less for my skin!

Many general skin conditions such as premature skin aging and pigmentation can be prevented today with a daily basic skin care routine and relatively little effort. If you keep your skin healthy and protected, it is extremely resistant to aging and it will repair wounds much faster.

Invest in your skin, it is your business card for a very long time! (Linden Tyler)

Own skin care is fundamental to slow down aging and maintain a healthy structure. You cannot achieve a dream skin without a good basic care first!

You do not need expensive products, the magic word is consistency! Twice a day, every day. The most efficient skin care is a sustainable, lasting care!

How do you master basic care:


Gentle cleansing with an adapted face lotion, twice a day, every day. This is the basis of healthy skin! Do not exaggerate! More than twice a day damages the natural hydration and brings the skin protection factors out of balance.

Choose a cleansing lotion that tolerates your skin well. Do not use a body product, soaps or other products that affect the face, cause irritation stimulates overproduction of sebum.


A well-chosen toner is an important asset to your daily routine. After cleansing, your skin needs components that repair the skin. This is exactly what a good toner does. Regardless of your skin type, this ensures that the skin looks younger, fresher, smoother all day! This step is often overlooked but is nevertheless necessary.


A soft daily peeling is also part of the basic care. It is our personal conviction that gently remodeling the skin surface with an enzymatic gel or cream is indispensable. However, the skin should never be irritated. Your skin tells you how it feels: red and irritation equals anger and reaction, so never use a daily peeling when your skin is not in optimum health.


A serum is multi-functional and brings an abundance of healthy benefits! They are very concentrated amounts of active ingredients that will give you a lot of satisfaction. Every drop is worth more than its money! Serums exist in different types, each providing a different skin aspect. From acne to pigmentation. From dryness to sensitivity. They improve the skin structure in an unseen way.

Serums are more than worth their money but are often used incorrectly. Many people use much more serum than is actually necessary, resulting in an empty wallet and a much too sticky skin! 

Professional tip: first use a generous amount of toner and then put 4 to 6 drops of serum directly on your face, mix and tip the emulsion into your skin! You will be amazed that half the amount of serum will give you a much better result!


Every skin type needs hydration because cleaning removes moisture and skin fats. Balanced skin has a lot to do with finding a quality day cream or gel tailored to your skin.

The molecular weight of the used oil is essential here. For example, dry skin will benefit much more from a heavy oil, and problematic acne skin will respond much better to an oil-free day cream supplemented with a hyaluronic acid. It keeps the skin soft and elastic throughout the day.


Everyone needs skin protection. All stories about dark skins that do not need sun protection are absolutely untrue! Dark skins indeed tolerate more sun, but are absolutely not protected against skin cancer, sunburn or free radicals caused by the UV light.

If you only opt to use only one of these daily care products, then this is definitely the one you have to choose! 85-90% visual aging is due to the UV light!

An SPF should be applied regularly throughout the day with every exposure to the sun!

The result of a good daily routine is beautiful healthy skin that looks at its best and functions optimally. Find out which products exist for your unique skin type and follow a simple but daily routine!

Your future self will thank you for it !!