Mesoestetic Collagen 360°

Firms facial contours and restructures the skin

Give your face a firmer, tighter contour thanks to the high concentration of enriched marine collagen. The Collagen 360° line from Mesoestetic tightens facial contours and restructures the skin and increases skin density and elasticity.  


Our skin consists of 70% of the protein collagen and ensures the firmness of the skin. As we age, the collagen in the skin decreases, but the quality also deteriorates. This causes the first fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Sun and smoking accelerate the breakdown of collagen.

Reactivates collagen synthesis

Enriched marine collagen is fully compatible with our own skin cells, enabling two benefits:

  • Structural Support: The amino acids it contains act as a substrate in the dermis to form new collagen.
  • Stimulation of cells involved in collagen synthesis: fibroblasts react in the presence of free amino acids, reactivating collagen production.

Compacts and strengthens the dermis

Mesoestetic has specially formulated its Collagen 360° line with a high concentration of enriched marine collagen that stimulates your own collagen production, boosts cell renewal processes and thus increases the production of new skin's own collagen and substances that fill the skin.

Improves tissue elasticity

The unique collagen content specially enriched by Mesoestetic improves the elasticity of the skin thanks to a strengthening, firming and tightening effect. And this across the entire Collagen 360° range!

Age Smart Beauty

'Age Smart Beauty' is a complex specially designed by Mesoestetic that is used in all Collagen 360° products. The Chronosmart peptide is an innovative peptide that can reprogram the cells and provides a 24-hour anti-aging effect.

Collagen 360 program for daily use

  1. In the morning and evening, cleanse the skin with a Mesoestetic cleanser.
  2. Then apply 2 to 3 drops of Collagen 360 Essence serum morning and evening.
  3. Apply the Collagen 360 Intensive Cream over this.
  4. During the day you apply a sun protection from Mesoestetic to protect your skin.

COLLAGEN 360° - Mesoestetic

Enriched collagen, for a tight contour and firming of the facial skin