Micellar Cleansing Foam - Juliette Armand - Elements - 230 ml

The Micellar Cleansing Foam is a micellar, foaming facial cleanser with micelles (small, cleansing particles) that very easily removes makeup, dirt and excess oil from the skin and the area around the eyes without causing irritation and dryness.

44.00 €

The lipophilic (fat-attracting) tail of the micelle adheres to dirt in the skin and the hydrophilic (water-attracting) head protrudes automatically. This creates a microsphere that collects the dirt. These globules can easily be rinsed with water or taken up with a cotton ball.

You can use a micellar cleanser for the entire face, including the area around the eyes. You don't need a separate product to clean your eyes without irritation!

Micellar cleaners are very popular because they do wonders in your beauty routine. You put a bit of foam on a cotton pad and gently cover your face with it. Dirt and (even waterproof!) make-up residues disappear like snow in the sun. Because the product is so powerful, you no longer need extra cleaning products. You can use the product both in the morning and in the evening, just before your day or night cream.

Our micellar cleaner also contains a large portion of Aloe Vera Barbadensis. This 'miracle gel' has a soothing, hydrating effect, promotes wound repair and has an anti-inflammatory effect!

tip: to remove eye make-up, hold the cotton ball on your eye for about 20 seconds before you start to rub gently. This gives the product time to soak off your mascara, making it easier to remove it.

Apply the foam to the entire face with circular movements and then remove with a compress or rinse abundantly with water.

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and therefore also for the most sensitive skin types!

Main Ingredients: Micelles, Aloe Vera Barbadensis leaf extract