Extra Moisturizing Cream - Juliette Armand - Elements - 50 ml

This cream is extremely suitable as a daily, intensive hydration against very dry skin!

This moisturizer provides a long-lasting and powerful supply of necessary moisture in order to restore and maintain the optimum hydrobalance of the skin very quickly.

50.50 €

Thanks to this intensive hydration treatment, your skin will become much smoother and the smaller wrinkles will already be greatly reduced.

In this subtly scented cream we find the extract of a very special herb from Madagascar: Mirothamnus Flabellifolia. This herb is able to withstand enormous dryness and can dry out completely and then revitalize with the slightest rain and without any cell damage! 

Protection is provided by a sugar substance that is produced during the drying process. This herb was previously used to preserve dead human tissue for a longer period. In this cream, the beneficial effect is primarily in the protection against extreme temperatures and is therefore ideal for use both in summer and in winter.

We also find DSH-C Nanospheres in combination with hyaluronic acid. A very strong duo that provides a boost in collagen and elastin build-up. Hyaluronic acid is always present in high-quality creams and ensures that your body's own hyaluronic acid is given a serious boost and thus greatly stimulates the natural production of your collagen and elastin.

This beneficial cream certainly offers a quick solution for people with a (too) dry face.

This is a liquid, easy-to-apply cream where a small amount is already sufficient to bring your moisture level up. 

Massage some cream into your face until it is completely absorbed. Twice a day is certainly enough.