Cryolift Gel - Juliette Armand - Elements - 200 ml

The Elements Cryo lift Gel is a highly advanced and highly firming body gel. This fresh and cool cryotherapy product provides an immediate and visible firming result in which the gel efficiently combats the sagging of your skin in the places that you choose.

This gel contains seaweed and menthol and brings an intense but very pleasant feeling of cooling to the applied areas.

47.50 €

A delicious refreshment in a small jar that will delight your legs, stomach and arms with a cool breeze during a warm drive to the South! The cooling characteristics provide an ideal and easy to apply refreshment while the active substances are put to work and immediately help fighting against any visible sagging.

The elasticity, consistency and uniformity of your skin will be improved considerably and in a short time.

Let your friends also enjoy the very fresh menthol scent that this fresh blue gel diffuses in the air.

It is definitely the ideal invigorating valve after a hot day, because this cream also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to extinguish the bad effects of a day in the sun!

Your perfect companion during the hot summer days, both at home, in the car and while traveling, to escape the sweaty feeling and go to sleep with a fresh spirit in the evening!

Apply the gel and massage in until it is completely absorbed.

If the cold feeling seems a bit too fresh to you, you can immediately combine the gel with a normal day or night cream to temper the fresh feeling to your own personal comfort feeling!

Main ingredients: Menthol and seaweed