SOS during a freezing cold winter!


Arm your skin against the winter prick!

Be sure to give your skin the necessary attention during cold periods. It is cold outside, but the heating is nice and high inside. Your skin will suffer hard during the winter. With an outside temperature below 8 degrees, the sebaceous glands switch to an energy-saving mode, so that the skin remains less well protected and moisture also evaporates faster. So provide good protection against extreme temperature fluctuations and treat them with suitable products.

Replace soap with oil or cream.

A long, hot bath is very tempting when you get out of the cold, but warm water dries out the skin. So don't overdo the temperature and keep your shower or bath short. Replace soap (which also dries out) with a shower oil or a nourishing shower cream.

Hydrate abundantly.

The warm air from the central heating dries out your skin, causing dry wrinkles and scaly, rough spots on the skin. Therefore, after every shower or bath, apply plenty of body lotion and use a cream with sufficient lipids and moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and panthenol that strengthen the barrier function of the skin.

Don't forget your hands and feet.

Spread your hands thick with hand cream half an hour before you go outside, and always wear gloves to protect your skin.

Take care of your lips.

The cold and strong wind will dry out your lips or even make them jump. Coat them with a nourishing lip balm.

Extra protect the skin around the eyes

Around the eyes, the skin is only a third of the skin thickness of the rest of the face. This makes them dry out even faster. Therefore use a fast-absorbing eye cream. Beat the cream gently with your ring finger without applying pressure. Start at the inner corner of the eye and work outwards.

Choose custom products

Your skin becomes more sensitive due to the freezing cold, the biting wind and the large temperature differences between outside and inside. Think, for example, of those red-hot cheeks. Therefore use softer products, scrub regularly, do not forget your weekly mask and apply a moisturizing protective cream every day. If necessary, replace your day cream with a thicker night cream!

Give color to your skin

Skin ravaged by the cold looks dull and gray. By using a stimulating mask with high moisture concentration and revitalizing substances every week, your face will look radiantly fresh and pink again in no time!

Do not hesitate!

Feel free to ask BoTh Cosmetics for advice if you notice that your skin is not getting the correct nutrients!