Order and delivery guaranteed!

Our services at the time of corona

Currently, almost everyone is in an exceptional situation as a result of the coronavirus, but please don't worry about your order at BoTh Cosmetics!

Rest assured, in most cases the following still applies nationally and internationally: business as usual.

This means that your order will be processed and delivered without any problems. Everything happens, of course, within the imposed measures, so you can take smaller delays into account. Each country takes its responsibility and looks for alternatives to limit contamination when delivering and collecting packages.

BoTh Cosmetics only works with the quality delivery services of DPD and thus ensures a carefree order!

We are very closely informed by DPD about the current circumstances. These are closely monitored and passed on to us, so that we can continue to provide you with the service that you are used to from us, in complete confidence!

By the way, if the situation arises that an order could no longer be delivered, we will report this immediately and payments already received will also be refunded to you immediately!

This is your guarantee for a carefree order at BoTh Cosmetics!