Mesoestetic - Production

Guarantee quality and safety

Mesoestetic Pharma Group is an internationally recognized pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine. Mesoestetic naturally has the necessary medical ISO standards.

With its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Mesoestetic develops, produces and sells highly effective treatments supported by scientific studies. Its production and control processes meet the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the effectiveness of its products and its more than 35 years of experience, countless doctors, cosmetics professionals and end users around the world rely on the safety and effectiveness of mesoestetic.

Mesoestetic: Cosmeceutical and Neutraceutical Area

The department at Mesoestetic that is responsible for the development of a wide variety of products such as: creams, milk, lotions, serums or gels for skin cleansing, preparation, prevention, treatment and after-treatment.

Mesoestetic also develops oral products in the form of liquids, capsules or sachets.

Mesoestetic Medical Devices Area

The medical-aesthetic equipment and intradermal medical devices developed by this department contain the latest technology to enhance the effects of our facial and body treatments. Mesoestetic Pharma Group is the only pharmaceutical company in Spain that manufactures class III medical devices for intradermal administration for aesthetic medicine. All products developed by this division have the corresponding CE marking to show that they meet the quality, safety and efficacy standards.

Medications Area

Mesoestetic Pharma Group has the capacity to develop, produce and market medication for the treatment of skin-related disorders, including depigmentation, scar healing, vascularization or dermatitis.

Biotechnology, Observational Control and Surveillance

These units work together to perform safety and efficacy tests on our medical products using both in vitro and in vivo techniques. The main lines of research of the Biotechnology unit are depigmentation, anti-aging and remodeling of the body. The medical unit for observation and monitoring is responsible for a team of renowned international specialists in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine.