The MAX - Cream - Image Skincare - 48g

  • Repairs cell damage
  • Reduces wrinkles
149.50 €

The MAX Night Cream ™ is one of the first creams available on the market, with 2 different plant stem cells developed in one revolutionary formula. This new stem cell technology, derived from herbaceous alpine plants, supports the skin's natural protective mechanism. It contains a maximum concentration of peptides to smooth facial expression wrinkles and support collagen repair. The MAXimal effect is achieved by high concentrations of botanical ingredients. This revolutionary night cream prevents and counteracts the first signs of aging with a high concentration of active ingredients. This night cream repairs damaged cells, protects against damage from free radicals and supports a healthy structure of the skin.


  • Repairs cell damage
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Relax the crow's feet
  • Supports a healthy structure of the skin
  • Strengthens collagen

Usage & tips

After cleansing, apply the cream to the face, neck and around the eyes and massage it in. For a MAXIMUM effect, the cream can be used every day (in the evening or when necessary).

Tips from the professional

Apply in the evening after the cleanser and serum to the face and neck and massage. Can be used daily for maximum results.


The MAX ™ Complex: An exclusive combination of stem cells that protects the skin from the effects of the aging process.

Stem cell technology:

  • Apple Stem Cells: positive effect in vitro on the growth of the cells. Protective against the effects of the sun. Protects against oxidative stress, restores the cells. Anti Wrinkle Effect when measuring the depth. Antioxidant effect (high TEAC level: Trolox Leontopodium stem cells Equivalent Anti-oxidant Capacity).
  • Edelweis: anti hyaluronidase effect, protects cells against aging. Anti Collagen effect, reduces collagen breakdown and skin slackening.


  • Argireline®: botox®-like inhibitor of muscle contraction, relaxes the mimic muscles (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8).
  • SNAP-8: modulates muscle contraction, so wrinkles and fine lines are less likely to develop (Octapeptide 3).
  • Biopeptide CL ™: a peptide for collagen renewal, vitamin A-like, without irritation, in vitro collagen (Palmitoyl oligopeptide) stimulation of 350% and stimulation of glycosaminoglycan synthesis of 146%.
  • Skin Tightener ST: a complex of natural plants and sea extracts that firms and softens the skin and provides a fresh skin tone (Macrocystis pyrifera extract).
  • Roxisomes ™: repairs damage to the DNA by oxidative stress (Arabidopsis extract).
  • Photosomes ™: protects against oxidative stress and free radicals (Plankton Extract).
  • Resveratrol Antioxidant: combats damage caused by free radicals (Grape Seed Extract).
  • Nutripeptiden®: compensates the nutritional balance in the cells (Hydrolysed Rice Bran Protein).
  • Pentavitin®: regulates and hydrates moisture (Saccharide Isomerate), Echinacea Purpurea Extract, anti-inflammatory.