Folic Acid (B9) Serum - Juliette Armand - 55ml!

General rejuvenating serum, for all skin types.

Vitamin B9 plays a vital role in helping to preserve the skin's natural beauty by correcting imperfections and signs of aging.

Folic acid, which is derived from bacterial fermentation (biofermentation), has several positive effects on the skin.

It stimulates protein metabolism and the immune system.

It reduces wrinkles by stimulating cell growth and prevents UV damage.

This serum also provides an anti-allergy effect.

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All too often we hear that it is necessary to cleanse the skin, both morning and evening, even if you are not wearing makeup. But why exactly?

Harmful substances and environmental factors, such as gases, fine dust, large carbon particles and polluting metals penetrate the skin during the day and cause dryness, irritations, impurities, dilated pores and hyperpigmentation.

In addition, there is also pollution in the house, due to aggressive chemicals in maintenance products. These can weaken the natural protective layer on the skin, making it easier for the aforementioned pollutants to penetrate the skin and cause damage.

What is Antipollution Therapy?

It is a professional cosmetic treatment that strengthens the immune system. It protects the skin against the penetration of harmful substances and harmful environmental factors.

This treatment provides radiant, vibrant skin!


These therapies are based on high concentrations of folic acid, ceramides and vitamin D3 in combination with a specialized peeling and cell-stimulating system.


Hydra Protecting cream

This cream moisturizes and protects the skin against UV radiation, pollution and harmful environmental factors.

Folic Acid (B9) serum (this serum)

Folic acid from biofermentation. It stimulates protein metabolism and the immune system. It reduces wrinkles by stimulating cell growth, prevents damage from UV radiation, provides an anti-allergy effect.

Hydra repairing cream

Moisturizing and repairing face cream. The main ingredients are ceramides, lactokine, Bifidus and matrixyl 3000.

Provital D3 serum

Multi-protective serum for all skin types. It reduces skin irritation and improves UV protection. In addition, the serum also strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin.


In the morning: Provital D3 serum and Hydra Protecting Cream

Evening: Folic Acid (B9) serum and Hydra Repairing Cream

Anti Pollution Therapy
Anti Pollution Therapy

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