The Metrosexual


Until recently it was taboo for the man to pay attention to his skin care. But with the arrival of the Metroman (or metrosexual - a man who, unlike 'traditionally-minded men', is interested in personal care, fashion and trends. The metrosexual man pays a lot of attention to his clothes and external care), no guy ever has to be ashamed anymore of an assortment of care products on the sink.

Because men also want healthy and beautiful skin, but preferably without being looked at suspiciously if they have just put on a mask! The growing attention of men for their skin is increasingly appreciated by women. In the large cosmetics chains, this is also meticulously anticipated with an increasingly extensive range of men's skincare.

But what is the difference between the male and female skin? And are other products effectively needed to care for a man's skin?

The male skin is different from the female skin. Men have more sebaceous glands. This makes their skin fatter. However, women have less collagen, elastin and sebum / hair follicles, making their skin about 20-30% thinner and making women suffer from wrinkles much faster. Unfair but unfortunately true!

Although the structure differs, both skins need the same needs, because wrinkles are treated with the same products and the skin is also hydrated with the same composition of active ingredients as in the products that a woman uses! Apart from the fact that specifically male products receive a masculine perfume and the packaging will also look different, there is virtually no difference in the composition of the active ingredients and men can absolutely use the care products of their wives.

What's more, men are even advised to replace their alcoholic aftershave with a moisturizing day cream after every shave!