How to improve the results of your beauty routine - tip 2


Every beauty addict has one goal: to find the best beauty routine that meets all the needs of our skin!

But how do we achieve an ideal and efficient routine? BoTh Cosmetics helps you on your way in the following blogs ..


The very first step of a skin care routine is cleansing the face. Make sure you first clean the skin before applying a serum. First clean your hands and fingers so that no dirty particles can spread on your face. A quantity the size of a berry is usually sufficient.

Creams and moisturizers are applied after your serum. Hydration is very important to keep your skin healthy. Most women underestimate the effect of their cream when they apply their day and night cream. Better too much than too little, right? However, more lubrication does not mean that it is better. The day cream does not have to be smoothly spread over your skin, it can be a bit rough. Qualitative creams contain all sorts of good ingredients so that the product is absorbed directly through the skin. You therefore need no more than a portion the size of a berry for both your night or day cream.

If you want to wake up nice and fresh in the morning, the golden tip is to put your eye cream in the fridge the night before. Did you know that your eyes swell at night and you get puffiness because you have been lying flat for a long time? So never lubricate a cream or serum with hyaluronic acid in the evening . Because then you are guaranteed to wake up with bags under your eyes!

The skin around your eyes is delicate and sensitive and therefore deserves a special treatment . If you want to blur wrinkles and prevent dark circles, pay attention to this:

  • Apply serum or cream to the hard part and not to the moving eyelid
  • here too: 'Less is more', so dose the amount of eye cream well. A coffee bean per eye is enough!
  • Always use your ring finger when applying
  • Proceed in a dabbing manner
  • Put a concealer over your eye cream to prevent dark circles

After intensive facial cleansing of your skin, it is good to use or exfoliate a facial peel once or twice a week. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft and fresh again afterwards.

On the days that you use a facial peel, you do this between your facial cleansing and facial lotion or tonic.

  • Put a little scrub on your hands or put some 'dots' on your face. A corn grain is enough!
  • Moisten your fingers with lukewarm water.
  • Gently massage your facial peel with small rotating movements and do not apply too much pressure around the eyes or better yet: avoid it! You can take the neck with you.
  • Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Cold is also possible if you prefer this. If you scrub in the morning you are immediately ready to wake up!

A serum is the basis in every skin care routine. A serum is super concentrated, powerful and full of active ingredients to improve your skin and combat specific skin problems. In addition to your choice of the right serum that fits your skin type or skin problem, the way you apply it is almost as important. By applying your serum in the right way, you can get everything out of the product!

Because a serum is always very concentrated, the following also applies: less is more. Therefore, do not use more than a small hazelnut. If you use too much of your expensive serum, your skin will become greasy and it is especially a shame that your valuable serum will be used up quickly.

A mask not only has a positive effect on your skin, but also on your mind. Take some time for yourself and let your mask be withdrawn while enjoying a warm bath. Relax.

By regularly using a mask, you improve your skin condition. Choose a mask that is suitable for your skin type. For example a mask specially for oily skin or that fights irregularities.

If you do not clean your face, but if you do apply a mask before going to sleep, that care will do little for your skin. By regularly using a mask, your skin is also cleansed deeper and your skin absorbs the care products better.

An important appointment or a first date on the schedule and is there still time for a skin mask? Choose a copy with a high concentration of active substances to see immediate results! Then you go to your appointment with a healthy shine and skin on which bumps are less visible.

Do you suffer from dry skin, impurities, starting wrinkles or other skin problems? Even then a mask offers a solution. From masks for acne-prone skin to oily or dry skin: there is always one to help combat your skin problem.

Masks help remove dirt from the skin and can absorb excess sebum (which causes pimples). If you regularly use a skin mask, then you also tackle dead skin cells: they remain 'sticking' to the mask. This keeps your skin clean longer and prevents clogged pores.

The amount of a cherry tomato is sufficient!